Jersey's Pre-Super Bowl Warmup

JerseySenior Analyst IJanuary 31, 2009

Without delving into too much detail, here's the latest from the sports world.

1. The Devils have won their eighth straight, still the longest current winning streak in the league. Captain Jamie Langenbrunner had his third consecutive two-goal game, and now has more goals than he had all of last season. He's scored the game-winner in overtime in each of the last two wins.

Brendan Shanahan scored again, giving him three goals in five games played this season. For what the Devils paid, he's coming up huge for them. They're in first place, and, don't look now, but Martin Brodeur has begun skating again...

2. Joe Torre was interviewed by Larry King last night, and stood by his book. He doesn't understand why it's causing such a controversy, and claims he was just being honest. Well, that's just stupid.

Most controversies are driven by honest accounts, the kinds that take cheap shots at players and low blows at general managers. This particular honest account jabbed at a team that essentially created his entire managerial career, and that employed him for 12 years. Great way to say thanks, Joe. Will you still be surprised when they don't retire your number?

3. If you haven't heard by now, Derek Jeter swiped the famous Joe DiMaggio sign from the old Yankee Stadium, the one that reads "I want to thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee." Some believe he stole the sign, but I can't imagine the Yankees having any problem with letting him keep it. He probably told them he was taking it in advance.

4. The Giants are apparently on the verge of a new deal with Eli Manning. It would make him one of the highest paid players in the NFL, and the highest paid Giant.

Look, I like the guy, but there's no reason to give him THAT much money. Had they done this after last year's Super Bowl, sure. But now, after his problems with throwing in the wind have been artfully painted before our very eyes? After losing to the number six seed in the first game of this year's playoffs? Now is when he gets rewarded?

He's got a while to go before his contract needs extending. Wouldn't it be a LOT smarter to see him improve in December first?

5. The moment we've been waiting for is nearly upon us...Guitar Hero's standalone drum set is being released February 15th! Klinger, get on this ASAP. We need to get the band going! (And we're gonna call it Puzzles.)

6. Devin Harris is going to the NBA All-Star Game! Congrats to Devin on this well-deserved honor. (Notice a certain Mavericks point guard absent from the roster?) Brook Lopez will also be playing in the rookie challenge.

Somehow, Al Jefferson and Kevin Durant were left off the West roster. That's inexcusable. Let's also give a shout out to David Lee, who was sadly snubbed, but is still the man. Devean George narrowly missed the cut.

7. Speaking of snubs, Cris Carter was not voted into the Hall of Fame today. Don't know why. He was great.