NFL Rumors: Veteran Players Who Could Be Cut in May

Thomas ConroyCorrespondent IMay 11, 2012

NFL Rumors: Veteran Players Who Could Be Cut in May

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    This is the time of the year where households begin the unglamorous task of spring cleaning. We all rummage through our own personal items and painfully discard the older, more sentimental ones.

    A similar occurrence happens in the NFL, as every team’s front office and coaching staff meet after the draft to decide which existing players on the roster are expendable. In most cases, the older vets become an endangered species due to their large contracts taking up an excess of salary cap space.

    The following are veteran players who could get the axe in May. 

WR Nate Burleson, Detroit Lions

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    The writing is clearly on the wall for Nate Burleson’s departure from Detroit after the selection of wide receiver Ryan Broyles in the draft. Burleson has been a mentor to the younger players in the locker room, but his play on the field has been very disappointing as of late.

    The Lions expect opposing defenses to double-team Calvin Johnson downfield, and they are desperately looking for speed from a third-down receiver to stretch the defense. Burleson is not that kind of receiver. 

DE Osi Umenyiora, New York Giants

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    Just when the thought of putting this trade rumor finally to rest, it suddenly gain some legs with the news of DE Terrell Suggs rupturing his Achilles tendon that will keep him out the entire season.

    The Baltimore Ravens have been down this road before, as they looked to acquire Umenyiora last summer and you expect them to at least contact the New York Giants about his services once again.

    Unfortunately, it maybe a moot point because the Giants aren’t going to be a motivated trade partner. They still have Umenyiora under contract, and feel his displeasure about the situation will not be a problem in the locker room for the coming season. The team played through a similar controversy last year while on their way to Super Bowl championship. 

QB Tarvaris Jackson, Seattle Seahawks

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    It might be a little premature to announce the end of the Tarvaris Jackson experiment in Seattle, but Seahawk management did send him a direct message about his job status with their offseason moves.

    The team signed QB Matt Flynn via free agency and drafted QB Russell Wilson to “broaden” their options at the quarterback position. Head coach Pete Carroll is insisting that Flynn and Jackson will compete for the job during training camp, but the general feeling is that Flynn will be eventually named the starter.

    One advantage Jackson has is that neither quarterback has much NFL game experience, as Wilson is an obvious rookie and Flynn has started only two games. Albeit, he thrown for more yardage in his first two games than any other quarterback in the history of the league. 

RB Felix Jones, Dallas Cowboys

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    RB Felix Jones may or may not be moved off the roster this coming May, as it all depends on how Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones truly feels about his team heading into training camp this summer.

    The running game is in the capable hands of RB DeMarco Murray, who had a very productive rookie season. It has been fun to watch Felix Jones outrun the defense for the last four seasons, but nagging injuries have kept him off the field for a considerable amount of time.

    The Cowboys front office must decide if it’s better to deal Jones a year early for good value, rather than holding onto him and getting nothing in return. 

WR Chad Ochocinco, New Englad Patriots

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    The recent free agent signing of WR Jabar Gaffney could spell the end of WR Chad Ochocinco's days with the New England Patriots. He never develop much of a rapport with QB Tom Brady on the field last season, as Ochocinco will need some breaks in training camp to have a second season with the team.

    Gaffney was a favorite target of Brady in his first tour with the Pats, catching 85 passes and eight touchdowns before leaving for Denver via free agency. Ochocinco simply wants another chance to prove that he can be an effective contributor to an offense once again and stop being a well-paid spectator on the sidelines.