Aaron Rodgers: Green Bay Packers QB Reveals Specs of Ideal Center's Buttocks

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 10, 2012

Photo Credit: Rockford Register star
Photo Credit: Rockford Register star

Aaron Rodgers would like you to know he likes a good stout center with a high rear end—but not too high, and definitely not too sweaty. 

Let's bring Thursday to a close with some class and dignity and talk about men's butts. Yahoo Sports reports on the ongoing debate of snapping footballs and the perfect men to take on such tasks. 

Rodgers was on TSN Radio with Cabral “Cabbie” Richards on the Cabbie Presents: The Podcast and it was transcribed at Sports Radio Interviews

The interview revolved around centers and what makes a really good one. As Rodgers illustrates, you can take blocking, speed, motor, tenacity and shove them all, because he feels the best of the best have ideal buns. 

There's two main components that a center needs to have, and it's not quickness or agility or snapping or anything. It's two things: One, he has to have a good height, and I'm talking about where his butt rests. It can't be too low because I don't wanna get deep in that stance and it can't be too high so I feel like I'm standing up. It's gotta be just right. He's got that.

It's a feel. My center in college was about my height and he's real low in his stance. So it made me have to kinda duck down a little bit. It's hard to get out of center. Scott Wells— my previous center—[and] Jeff Saturday: great height. Great butt height.

Photo Credit: USA Today
Photo Credit: USA Today

Mr. Wells and Mr. Saturday, you can now take a bow wherever you might be standing or sitting. If you happen to be sitting, please stand so the fans can have a look at the dimensions. 

While this may all be fun and games, you can see what Rodgers is driving at. I just didn't think that when I woke up this morning I would end my day with a discussion on the finer points of Jeff Saturday's booty. 

Rodgers continues, thankfully: 

And the second is most important, and that's sweating...Our backup center—great guy—Evan Dietrich-Smith, he has major sweat issues...So those are the two things you look for: butt height and sweating. Jeff's doing really well in both categories. … Low sweat ratio and solid butt height.

So what did we learn today boys and girls? Well, we learned that the combine is a load of bull, and the best way to gauge a critical position is by simply measuring the height of a butt and the moistness of the man wearing it. 

We also learned that Dietrich-Smith has sweat issues. 

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