The NFL's Most Intriguing Rookie vs. Vet Battles of 2012

NFL Draft 365Official AccountMay 10, 2012

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It’s been said before, but NFL stands for “Not For Long.” The cold hard facts justify that nickname; 85 percent of the NFL is turned over in four years. That’s right—veterans are not around for long.

This time of year, rookies are chomping at the bit, thinking about whose job they can take. Meanwhile, vets are thinking about what they need to do to hold onto their football lives.

We’re still over two months away from when training camps officially begin. But that has not stopped our BR contributors from speculating on where the best battles are going to take place around the NFL come July. 

Our guys look at Cleveland, Miami, Houston, St. Louis and San Francisco, but battles are going to be waged across the map.

In New York, Ahmad Bradshaw says he’s going to take the Giants' No. 1 pick David Wilson under his wing. Just wait until the heat is turned up in camp.

How about Philly, where the backup to injury-prone Michael Vick is always a coveted position? Nick Foles has a good shot at getting the No. 2 slot against Trent Edwards or Mike Kafka. 

In Chicago, the Bears already have their No. 1 receiver, but will second-round pick Alshon Jeffery put some heat on incumbent No. 2, Johnny Knox? 

Check out who our guys think is going to win some of these summer battles. 

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