Brandon McCarthy: 5 Reasons the Oakland A's Pitcher Won't Be an All-Star

Erik Reitmeyer@@reity9690Contributor IIIMay 9, 2012

Brandon McCarthy: 5 Reasons the Oakland A's Pitcher Won't Be an All-Star

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    After a solid 2011 campaign, Brandon McCarthy came into the 2012 season as the A's ace.

    He was their guy, the pitcher who would constantly go deep into ballgames while at the same time acting as an role model the younger pitchers could learn from.

    So far, so good. McCarthy has followed up his career year with pretty good numbers thus far.

    Possessing an ERA under 3.00 and a couple of wins, McCarthy appears as though he's headed towards another great season as a member of the A's.

    There are several concerns, however, that might make one wonder just how successful McCarthy can ultimately be this year. Some of these concerns aren't even in McCarthy's control as he continues to establish himself as one of the American League's top pitchers.

    Here are five reasons why Brandon McCarthy won't be representing the A's at the 2012 All-Star Game.

The Easy Opponents Are over

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    In McCarthy's seven starts this season, only two have come against teams with winning records: Baltimore and Cleveland. Neither are exactly offensive powerhouses.

    In the coming month, the A's find themselves playing teams like Detroit, Texas, and New York.

    Playing against teams that possess some of the AL's top lineups, McCarthy's production will surely drop, and so will his chances of making the All-Star team.

His Numbers Wont Be All-Star Quality

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    Better competition will only hurt McCarthy's numbers. Numbers, after all, are everything for a player like McCarthy, whose resume is thin to begin with.

    As of now his record is only 2-3—not exactly earth-shattering—and if his stats are only likely to drop it'll be very difficult to stand out regardless of how low his ERA may be.

    If McCarthy wants a realistic chance at getting the All-Star Game nod then he's going to have to step up big and hope his offensive support can do the same.

The Competition

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    Right now there aren't a whole lot of guys on the A's roster who are standing out. There is one guy, however, who is putting up some remarkable and impressive numbers.

    Ryan Cook, a reliever who came over in the Trevor Cahill trade, has an ERA of 0.00—that's right, 0.00. In 13 appearances this year Cook has given up only three hits while striking out 14, and it's not uncommon for non-closer relievers to be named to the ASG.

    If Cook continues to be this dominant, expect him to not only overtake other A's for the ASG nod, but to overtake the team's closer role as well.

Lack of Recognition

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    McCarthy broke in with the White Sox in 2005 full of promise. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a lot to show for it, have pitched over 100 innings in a season only twice in his career.

    That lack of recognition may make him an uncommon All-Star selection among the other players, coaches and managers throughout baseball. All-Star pitchers are not voted on by the fans, and if McCarthy wants to garner the attention of his peers, then his play is really going to have to stand out.

Injury Potential

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    Primarily the main reason for the lack of continued success with McCarthy has been his durability.

    McCarthy has primarily dealt with shoulder issues in his career, though he has been able to avoid them during his tenure in Oakland. That is, until now.

    It was recently reported that McCarthy has been experiencing some shoulder problems, and as an A's fan you can only hope that this isn't an injury that stays with McCarthy all year.

    If it is a lingering issue then you can expect it to affect his play in 2012, as it has throughout his career.