Andre Smith: Best Lineman at the NFL Combine

John ScottCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2009

There is no question that Andre Smith was Alabama’s MVP last year.


It’s as simple as this. Smith did not play in two games last year, vs. Tulane and vs. Utah in the Sugar Bowl.


Alabama averaged 196.5 yards per game on the ground during the season.


In 12 games with Smith: 218 yards per game.


In two games without Smith: 100 yards vs. Tulane and just 31 yards vs. Utah.


At 6’4’’, 340 pounds Smith has the size and strength to impose his will on defenders. He is excellent at taking multiple defenders completely out of plays. He knocks you down, and then moves on to the next victim.


Run Blocking: A+



Now let’s take a look at how Alabama and Smith protected the quarterback.


Smith allowed one sack on John Parker Wilson all year.


Alabama gave up 25 sacks this past season.


In 12 games with Smith: 17 sacks allowed. (1.4 per game)


In two games without Smith: 12 sacks allowed, four vs. Tulane and eight vs. Utah (six per game).


Smith is quick off the line, does not let defenders get around him, and once again is excellent at completely taking the defensive player out of the play.


Pass Blocking: A+



There is not one offensive lineman in this draft as good as Smith.


I can’t see why ESPN’s Mel Kiper seems to think that Jason Smith of Baylor will be taken before Smith. Smith will be motivated to prove him wrong.


He will show that he is the complete package. He has the size, strength, agility, and awareness necessary to be a dominating force of a left tackle in the NFL. I really don’t believe Smith has a weakness, he is that good.


Every team picking in the top three could use Andre Smith, badly (Detroit, St. Louis, Kansas City).


He should be picked in the top three, but that’s not guaranteed. He won’t fall past pick the Bengals at pick six, and that is a guarantee.


Oh, and I forgot to mention Smith has good hands! (Caught TD pass in bowl game vs. Oklahoma State his freshman year, check out the picture)