Jered Weaver's No-Hitter: Ranking All Ten No-Hitters in Angels History

Alex Giobbi@@alexgiobbiAnalyst IMay 3, 2012

Jered Weaver's No-Hitter: Ranking All Ten No-Hitters in Angels History

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    Jered Weaver has to be the happiest man in baseball right now, as he threw the 10th no-hitter in Los Angeles Angels history. Allowing only one baserunner, on an error (in the top of the second inning), Weaver proceeded to mow down the Minnesota Twins in a 9-0 victory. 

    How does Weaver's gem match up against the gems of other Angels pitchers? Let this slideshow help you determine that. 

    Read on to find out.

10. 7/27/2011: Ervin Santana vs. Cleveland Indians (3-1)

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    Ervin Santana made history when he threw the first no-hitter in Progressive Field history, but his gem had an obvious flaw in it, as the no-hitter included a run by the opposition when Santana threw a wild pitch that allowed Ezequiel Carrera to score.

    Santana managed to calm down afterwards and only allowed one more baserunner before soundly defeating the Tribe 3-1. 

    Disregarding that, Santana's no-no was the first since 1990 for the Angels, and it only took 105 pitches for him to get it. It also was the last no-hitter thrown in the 2011 season.   

9. 4/11/1990: Mark Langston and Mike Witt vs. Seattle Mariners (1-0)

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    The last no hitter of the 20th century for the Angels was a combined effort by Mark Langston (seven innings) and Mike Witt (two innings), as they collaborated on a blanking of the Seattle Mariners just three games into the 1990 season. 

    The duo allowed five baserunners, mostly by Langston; but Witt, who happened to throw the last no-hitter before this one, earned the save in two innings. 

    Langston would stay in California for seven more years before playing out his final two in San Diego and Cincinnati

8. 9/28/1974: Nolan Ryan vs. Minnesota Twins (4-0)

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    Nolan Ryan threw four no-hitters while playing for the Angels. This was his third.

    It wasn't his best no-hitter, as he allowed eight baserunners, but he did strike out 15 Twins on his way to his 22nd win that year.

    What's even more interesting, is that Ryan would end up pitching the next no-hitter in baseball.

    Ryan would end up throwing seven no-hitters in his career, the remaining three coming with the Astros and Rangers. He was named to the Hall of Fame in 1998.  

7. 5/5/1962: Bo Belinsky vs. Baltimore Orioles (2-0)

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    Bo Belinsky was the proud craftsman of the first no-hitter in Angels history. Although he allowed seven baserunners, he was able to keep the Orioles bats silent for the rest of the game, leading to a 2-0 victory.

    Belinsky, who was a notorious reveler in his heyday, dating some celebrities, was also on the end of the first no-hitter thrown against the Angels, when Boston's Earl Wilson blanked the team 2-0. Wilson would hit a home run during the game. 

    After the no-hitter, Belinsky would play two more years in Los Angeles before bouncing around the National League, retiring in 1970.  

6. 6/1/1975: Nolan Ryan vs. Baltimore Orioles (1-0)

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    Ryan's last no-hitter with the Angels came against the Baltimore Orioles. 

    Ryan allowed five baserunners, but earned the no-no, becoming the first pitcher since...Nolan Ryan, back in 1973 to throw consecutive no-hitters.  

5. 7/15/1973: Nolan Ryan vs. Detroit Tigers (6-0)

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    Before Nolan Ryan became the only pitcher to throw a pair of consecutive no-hitters twice, Warren Spahn of the Braves was the last pitcher to throw two no-hitters in a row. 

    Ryan left four men on base when he silenced the Detroit Tigers in a 6-0 win. It was the largest margin of victory for an Angels no-hitter until Weaver's gem.  

4. 7/3/1970: Clyde Wright vs. Oakland Athletics (4-0)

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    It was an extra special day for Clyde Wright when he took the mound on July 3, 1970. 

    Wright was named to the NAIA athletic Hall of Fame. 

    Little did he know, he would throw the second no-hitter in Angels history that day. 

    Wright only allowed three runners en route to a 4-0 gem against the Athletics

    Wright would end up playing three more years with the Angels before short stays in Milwaukee and Texas. He would end his baseball career in Japan, playing for the Yomiuri Giants. 

3. 5/15/1973: Nolan Ryan vs. Kansas City Royals (3-0)

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    Ryan's first no-hitter was his best one as an Angel, as he only allowed three baserunners en route to a 3-0 win against the Royals.

    It would be the first of seven no-hitters for Ryan, marking one of the greatest pitching careers in several generations.

2. 5/2/2012: Jered Weaver vs. Minnesota Twins (9-0)

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    Weaver's no-hitter vs. the Twins on Wednesday was arguably one of the best performances by an Angels pitcher in their 51-year history. 

    Not only did he have plenty of run support (9-0), but his defense was completely behind him as well. Aside from Phil Humber's perfect game, this will be one of the most memorable moments of the 2012 season. 

1. 9/30/1984: Mike Witt vs. Texas Rangers (1-0)

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    On the last day of the 1984 season, Mike Witt did what only 10 pitchers have done before him and 10 have done after. He threw a perfect game against the Texas Rangers. 

    Witt did not allow a baserunner in his gem, and joined the perfect game club, which includes such legends as Sandy Koufax and Randy Johnson. 

    Witt would end up pitching with the Angels until 1990, where he combined with Mark Langston for another no-hitter. He would be traded to the Yankees where he would play until his retirement in 1993.