Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Other Stars to Rookies: Keep Eyes Wide Open

NFL Draft 365Official AccountMay 3, 2012

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Imagine being an NFL rookie and you get advice from a current or future Hall of Famer? Think where Ryan Leaf or JaMarcus Russell’s careers may have gone if someone pulled them aside and told them to control their emotions or work hard.

Well, it may not have helped, but it couldn't have hurt.

We asked several Pro Bowl stars and NFL legends what advice they’d give to the 2012 rookie class coming in. These are NFL stars that learned the hard way. They partied hard, were impatient sitting behind veterans, put too much pressure on themselves and thought they knew it all.

As a 20-year old kid coming into the NFL, you think you have all the answers. You don’t have the luxury of hindsight or maturity.

Hey, rookie NFL class of 2012. We are giving you your chance to get some sound advice from such stars as Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Arian Foster and the legendary Jim Brown.

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