2012 NFL Draft: What Should Packers Fans Expect from Nick Perry?

Andrew GardaFeatured ColumnistMay 1, 2012

As we move through this week, we're going to look very closely at the NFC North's new rookies as well as look back at what we thought might have happened and how things changed for each team as the draft progressed.

Today is the Packers' turn. In order to help familiarize you a little more with the picks, I'll be taking a look at the early round players.

For Nick Perry, the former USC defensive end and future Packer outside linebacker, I broke out the editing software and a microphone to give you a little visual look at what he can do.

It's short, as just about all these will be. I'll do it for each team—usually just the first and occasionally the second rounder based on time.

Here's a little more in-depth look at Perry to go with the video.

Perry is very quick off the edge. He is able to get the first step on most offensive linemen, which allows Perry to make the initial move before they can react. He sets up his outside speed rush well and has the power to bull rush a tackle as well.

As I say in the video, he gets good extension with his arms and is long enough to deflect passes.

He's also a much better run defender than people realize and can be an anchor for the defensive line.

He does have the tendency to play too upright and while he has plenty of different moves when he pass rushes, all of them still need more development.

As the draft process went on, I was concerned that his hesitancy to play linebacker might make the Packers (and other teams) pass on him. If he won't embrace a position change, can he make it as a defensive end?

Well, it appears there is no need to worry as Perry warmed to the idea as the Winter went on. He is a tremendous athlete and I have no worries about him transitioning to a new position.

At first it may be slow going, as he will be learning a few new tricks. However, once he gets his legs underneath him, his speed and strength will help him overcome the linemen assigned to him and get into the backfield.

By season's end, I expect other teams to have to pick their poison—Matthews or Perry.

Across from Clay Matthews, he will be a real pain for opposing offenses.