Tracking Detroit Lions' 2012 NFL Undrafted Free Agent Signings

Andrew Garda@andrew_gardaFeatured ColumnistApril 30, 2012

I HAD been breaking these down individually, but that's taking a long time. Fact is, there are lots of guys on this list where this will be the only time you see their name in print, save for cut lists.

I broke it down by position as I felt it made more sense.


QB Kellen Moore (Boise State)

I think this is a great signing, not because I am a huge fan of Moore (I am not) but because he is the most talented of the free agent quarterbacks, and you should always have a new guy on the roster to develop.

The guy is a winner and exceptionally bright but lacks arm strength. He has pocket presence, but his height causes him to have issues seeing over the line (as opposed to Russell Wilson who did not show that on tape). He's a project whose accuracy could help him develop into a solid backup.

RB Stephfon Green (Penn State)

I am disappointed they didn't get a back before now, but with the exception of the second-round WR pick, it was a solid draft so I let that slide.

Green was kicked off the team briefly last summer (Paterno said, at the time that they had some issues), returning in time to start the season because his teammates went to bat with him. Green is on the small side but fast and has some special teams experience as well as the ability to catch balls out of the backfield.

To the right is a video Anwar Richardson found and posted on

WR Patrick Edwards (Houston)

WR Jared Karstetter (Washington State)

WR Troy Burrell (Wayne State)

The Lions sure do like their depth wide receivers. These guys all look to be special teams type guys and camp bodies.

Burrell is a local guy (Wayne State is in Detroit for those who did not know) who did a visit a while back.

Nothing too special here but solid bodies for camp with some upside.

TE Alex Gottlieb (William & Mary)

TE Austin Wells (Northern Iowa)

Gottlieb is a big, imposing tight end who can work as an H-back or fullback, as is Wells, which says to me that the team was looking for some extra blockers. Probably at tight end, as fullback isn't a focus for the Lions.

OL Pat Boyle (Temple)

OT Quinn Barham (Penn State)

OG Rodney Austin (Elon)

OG J.C. Oram (Weber State)

All these offensive line guys are big or versatile (or both) players who will work as solid depth for the Lions. Boyle is a huge 6'5", Barham can work at tackle or as a backup center and both Austin and Oram are decent guard depth.

DT Michael Cosgrove (Idaho)

DT Edmon McClam (Old Dominion)

Both Cosgrove and McClam (awesome name for a cop show, by the way) are role players or special team guys as far as I can tell. 

LB Carmen Messina (New Mexico)

LB Ronnie Sneed (Kentucky)

Sneed is a hard worker who could make a name for himself on the practice field and on special teams. Messina did a lot in college, but many think that even as a free agent, he may not do enough to hang on as he isn't terribly physical and struggles in coverage.

CB Alonzo Lawrence (Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College)

Depth? He originally went to Alabama, then moved to Southern Miss before ending up at MGCCC. I can't find a reason for it, so that concerns me. Was the competition on what became a great Bama defense too much? Or was something else up?

If he is averse to competition, it's going to make it tough for him, but the Lions need help, and he's a decent player.

S Sam Proctor (Oklahoma)

Proctor is a decent depth pick who can probably hang around with a strong camp showing and a willingness to earn his keep on special teams.

K Derek Dimke (Illinois)

Dear Jacksonville, this is how you get kickers.


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