Kansas City Chiefs: Draft Prospects

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2009

With the Chiefs coming off their worst year in franchise history, in addition to adding a new general manager and head coach, there is a lot riding on the upcoming draft.

If the Chiefs draft poorly in this draft, we could be looking at several more terrible seasons for the franchise. Because of this, I thought I would come out with some of the first round draft prospects the Chiefs will be considering come draft day.

QB Matthew Stafford, Georgia

Stafford is the No. 1 prospect in the draft. Many think that the Detroit Lions will select him first overall, but some also think the Lions will be looking at Andre Smith from Alabama.

Stafford has great potential and has a rocket strapped on to his shoulder. Some question his leadership, but that will happen on its own.

OT Andre Smith, Alabama

Smith is the best offensive lineman in the draft and will most likely go either to the Lions or the Rams. Smith is a massive force and could definitely solidify the line for the Chiefs. If Andre Smith somehow falls to No. 3, the Chiefs would be more than happy to select him.

OLB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest

Aaron Curry is the best senior in the draft and also the best linebacker in the draft. The Chiefs are in desperate need of another outside linebacker and Curry would fit in perfectly to the 3-4 scheme that Scott Pioli is hoping to install.

Aaron Curry is probably the best fit for the Chiefs at this point, even if Smith or Stafford are available I wouldn't be surprised if we draft Aaron Curry.

WR Micheal Crabtree, Texas Tech

Crabtree is a play-making freak and the Chiefs could use him.

The Chiefs don't desperately need a wide receiver with their third overall pick and could draft somebody they actually need a little more. I would be surprised if the Chiefs select Crabtree with their third overall pick.

QB Mark Sanchez, USC

Sanchez is the second best quarterback in the draft and most people have him as the fifth best player in the draft. USC fans aren't very happy with him leaving early but Sanchez rebelled and declared anyway.

I would be slightly surprised if the Chiefs select Sanchez, but I wouldn't disagree with them if they did select Sanchez. Sanchez put up good numbers at USC and he potentially could put the same numbers up at the next level.

DE Brian Orakpo, Texas

Brian Orakpo was once the hot pick for the Chiefs at No. 3. But for whatever reason, nobody is really talking about him getting drafted by the Chiefs.

The Chiefs could use a defensive end and Orakpo is the best at that position. He had more sacks then the entire Chiefs defense last year. He probably won't get drafted by the Chiefs, but look out for him at the NFL combine.