LaMarr Woodley Prank Video: Steelers LB Sets Up Michael Turner and NFL Stars

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Hip Hop artist, Nature, has a song from his For All Seasons album called "We Ain't Friends."

That song is all I could think about after I watched this video.

LaMarr Woodley channeled his inner Ashton Kutcher as he pranked friends and fellow NFL players: Michael Turner, Steve Breaston and Marcedes Lewis, royally on The NOC.

Woodley setup a mock photoshoot that placed the players in several unconventional situations. Woodley deceived the players by telling them they were going to appear in an issue of GQ online.

These guys must really want to be in GQ to endure the treatment they received from the actors posed as photographers. Were it me, I'd have exited once the Rocky Balboa shorts were handed to Lewis.

If not there, the final straw could have been when the fake photographer said Steve Breaston looked like a "colonial prostitute."

Once the fake GQ staff began to argue amongst themselves, the looks on the players' faces were priceless.

I don't know how Woodley kept a straight face throughout, but he did an excellent job selling the prank.

This footage will surely be shown by the teammates of Lewis, Turner and Breaston in the locker room. It was classic, and not the type of joke you let die easily.

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