The NY Sports Page Needs a Community Leader, Who Should It Be?

Mike KentSenior Writer IJanuary 24, 2009

The New York page on BR is doing well, In the last 24 hours the New york sports page on BR has really grown it started with three fans, now we are 24 fans. Not bad for a start but we do need more.

But we cant forget that thanks to all you fans we gave the NY page back its life, and the world will see what New York is all about!

if you look at the Philadelphia site or at the Boston site you will see that they dont have more then five fans. these are the New York rivals.

And this is another thing we do better then them, get together and get things done. We are one big team and one big family that comes together when we are needed, so kudos to us!!

We in New York know how to represent are great land, the Empire stat. Land of the big dreams and the great teams. And as all people know New York has the worlds greats fans, us.

The New York site could be home to all of us, rome the baseball fans to the soccer fans, as long as you are a New Yorker

And on this site we are also showing that we have some of the best writers in the world, New York has talent like the people that you are going to vote for in the poll.

I want too see at least 100 votes by Thursday when the poll will end, New york has over 1000 fans on this site then are goal should be reached.

but we will need all the help we can get from all the people that want to help New York so PLZ tell all the:

Knicks, Mets, Jets, Yankees, Rangers, Giants, Islanders, Devils, Nets, Red Bulls, Liberty, Dragons, Titans, Cyclones and SI Yankees. (all these are New York teams) and i am sorry if i forgot anybody,

And the NJ teams are counted in, they are like family. They are are neighbour's that are like brothers to us, they Share are baseball teams and football teams and some of us share there hockey team and basketball team

Now that the New York page is under way we all know what we need next,

A leader.

There are a few guys that can be are Community Leaders and it is are job to decide who those people will be, the New York fans deserve to decide, and we all know they will make the right pick.

that do not mean it is easy to pick, there are great names on this list and it is hard to pick one out of these great writers, but i think New Yorkers can handle it

so i made i poll asking us to pick the guy who will be are Community Leader, we will ask the top two people with the most votes to be are Community Leaders.

We are looking for two guys that will lead the New York page and take care of it and its fans, if there is less then 5% between the number two in votes and the number three in votes then we will have three Community Leaders

If you think of someone who is not on the list that you think should be the NY Community Leader then PLZ write it in a comment

And now lets get to the vote, may the best writers win !!

( I did not ask the people on the poll if they want to be the Community Leaders so we will need to beg who ever gets chosen to be are Community Leaders )

And if this is the first time that you are hearing of this NY page ( i dont know how that can happen after the big fuss i made over it ) then PLZ go to


and make yourself a fan


Voting is over the Winners are :

Jordan Schwartz, Michael Schlossberg and Travis Rand.

Congratulations to are new community leaders






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