Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Reasons Andy Reid Should Be on the Hot Seat Early

Kyle Ramos@Kyle_RamosCorrespondent IApril 18, 2012

Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Reasons Andy Reid Should Be on the Hot Seat Early

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    After the "Dream Team" disappointed last season, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid is now facing pressure to right the ship and lead the Eagles to the 'ship.

    Even with all of his success at the helm of the Eagles, Reid has faced a lot of scrutiny over the years and this season may be the most important of his coaching career.

    Here are five reasons why Andy Reid might be a little concerned for his job.

5. Philadelphia Fans

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    Even though Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love, that gets checked in at the gates for a Philadelphia Eagles game.

    Philly fans are passionate and have no problem showing it.  At one NFL draft, they even booed their future franchise quarterback.

    These fans also have no problem taking out their frustration on the men with the headsets too.  This Facebook page is just one example of the discontent the Eagles have been feeling during the Andy Reid era.

    Bottom line here is that the fans are harsh and they will surely be watching Reid's every move in this upcoming season full of expectations.

4. Schedule

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    Though it's out of Reid's control, the tough schedule laid out for the Eagles could end up costing him his job.

    Philadelphia has the seventh-toughest schedule in the NFL next season and eight of their games are against teams who won at least nine games.

    Reid will be up against a challenge if he wants to win his division this year and improve on the 8-8 record he posted last season.

3. Michael Vick

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    Vick signed a monster extension last offseason after a successful season for the Eagles in 2010.  However, his performance in 2011 didn't exactly match up to how much money he was receiving.

    With Vick missing time due to injury last year, Reid turned to Vince Young who didn't do much better than Vick.

    Now, this season, Reid will have Mike Kafka to turn to if Vick should (shockingly) get hurt again.  That's not exactly a solid second-stringer to fall back on if he wants his team to be successful.

    It's not necessarily up to Reid who the Eagles sign or trade for at QB, but if Michael Vick continues to get injured and underperform, that will reflect poorly on Reid.

    Therefore, Vick's performance this season is contingent to the success of the Eagles as a whole which correlates to Andy Reid and his job security. 

2. Last Season

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    After finishing with an 8-8 record and failing to make the playoffs, the Eagles found themselves watching the division rival Giants take their second Super Bowl in the past five years.

    I'm not saying that last season's failure was all Andy Reid's fault, but what I am saying is that there will be no excuses this season.  There's no lockout so that means there will be full training camps and more time to prepare.

    The "Dream Team" now has time to mesh together and could be a very deadly team with some time together.  However, the pressure will definitely be on since fans now expect something to materialize after the Eagles big offseason last summer.

1. No Super Bowl Rings

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    At the end of the day and as it stands, Andy Reid currently has no championship glory to show for his 13 seasons of coaching the Eagles.

    He has 126 wins and 0 of them came in the Super Bowl.  This is a frustrated franchise that has been patient with Reid and kept him around.

    This was no mistake as Reid compiled winning season after winning season which usually ended with deep runs into the playoffs.  However, none of these seasons ended with joy.

    Reid wants to win a championship as much as the Eagles fans do, but the question is will the franchise let him stick around long enough if it doesn't happen soon?