Philadelphia Phillies: All-Phillies Team for the Past 20 Years

Mark Swindell@mark_swindellCorrespondent IApril 15, 2012

Philadelphia Phillies: All-Phillies Team for the Past 20 Years

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    The Phillies have seen drastic ups and downs for the past 20 seasons. 

    They lost as many as 97 games in 2000 and won as many as 102 in 2011.  They have been to three World Series (1993, 2008, 2009) winning one and have won the division six times (1993, 2007-11).

    So who had the best seasons, by position during that stretch to make up the All-Phillies team of the past 20 years?  Who's the manager and best coach?

    Let's find out.

MANAGER: 2008 Charlie Manuel

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    Face it, this one is a no-brainer.  The Phillies have only won two World Championships in their history and the job Charlie did in 2008 easily gives him the nod to lead this squad.  Yes, he won more games in 2009, 2010, & 2011 but the 11-3 postseason stretch he lead them to in 2008 was a thing of beauty.

    RUNNER UP: 1993 Jim Fregosi

COACH: 2007 Davey Lopes

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    Charlie Manuel led the team, Rich Dubee directs the pitching staff, but it was Davey Lopes who turned this team into a duel threat of power and speed.  The Phillies were constant mashing teams from 2003-2006 but when Lopes came on he added the element of smart, aggressive base running to the Phillies arsenal. 

    In 2007, the Phillies were successful stealing bases 88% of the time. That's phenomenal.  Jimmy Rollins stole 41 bases with a 87% success rate.  Shane Victorino stole 37 bags with a 90% success rate.  Rookie Michael Bourn chipped in 18 steals successful 95% of the time.

    The Phillies were no longer a team that had to sit back for the home run.  They beat teams on the bases as well and it's all due to Davey Lopes.

    RUNNER UP: 2008 Rich Dubee

CATCHER: 1999 Mike Lieberthal

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    Already somewhat of a forgotten Phillie as he departed just before the current five year divisional champs run.  The Phillies were not a good team in 1999 but Lieberthal was a wrecking crew.  For the season, he hit .300 with 31 home runs and 96 RBI. He was 27 years old and entering his prime. Lieby was another who just missed out on the World Series runs of 1993 & 2008.

    RUNNER UP: 1993 Darren Daulton

FIRST BASE: 2006 Ryan Howard

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    Howard's offensive performance in 2006 was probably the greatest offensive season by any Philadelphia Phillies player ever.  Howard won the MVP award and hit .313-58-149.  His OPS was a remarkable 1.084. He shattered Mike Schmidt's season home run record of 48.

    Non Ryan Howard RUNNER UP: 2003 Jim Thome

SECOND BASE: 2006 Chase Utley

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    This basically came down to which Chase Utley season. His 2006 campaign takes it here with Utley's 131 runs scored, 203 hits, 40 doubles, 32 home runs, 102 RBI and 15 stolen bases.  Chase played in 160 games and hit .309. 


    NON Chase Utley Runner Up: 1997 Mickey Morandini

THIRD BASE: 1998 Scott Rolen

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    He sulked his way out of town but Rolen put up some good numbers for the Phillies.  The 1998 season was probably his best.  At just 23 years old, Rolen hit .290-31-110 and scored 120 runs while swiping 14 bags.  This doesn't even mention the incredible defense he provided night in and night out.

    RUNNER UP: 1993 Dave Hollins

SHORTSTOP: 2007 Jimmy Rollins

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    Rollins talked the talk, and walked the walk in '07. 

    He led the Phillies to their first divisional title since 1993 and captured the National League MVP award. 

    J-Roll hit .296 with 30 home runs, 20 triples, 139 runs scored, 212 hits, 38 doubles and 41 stolen bases.  He also won the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards.

    An incredible all around season for the greatest shortstop in franchise history.

    Non Jimmy Rollins RUNNER UP: 1993 Kevin Stocker

LEFT FIELD: 2002 Pat Burrell

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    Pat the Bat's sophomore season was probably his best.  Burrell hit .282 with 37 home runs and 116 RBI. He could never fully build on the success of that season but Pat had a great career with the Phillies. While he didn't have great range in left field, Pat always hustled and had a strong accurate arm.

    RUNNER UP: 2009 Raul Ibanez

CENTER FIELD: 1993 Lenny Dykstra

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    Lenny led the league in plate appearances, at bats, runs scored, hits, and walks.  One of the best seasons by a Phillies leadoff hitter ever. 

    Dykstra hit .305-19-66 with an incredible 143 runs scored. He finished second to Barry Bonds in MVP balloting and sadly...never played more than 84 games in a season ever again although he was just 30 years old at the time.

    RUNNER UP: 2007 Aaron Rowand

RIGHT FIELD: 1999 Bobby Abreu

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    Abreu was in his prime in Philadelphia.  He had some better power seasons than 1999 but this was his bust out season.  Abreu hit .335 with an outstanding .446 on base percentage.  He scored 118 runs and knocked 20 home runs while driving in 93. 

    He also led the league with 11 triples.  It's a fact that Abreu wasn't a "balls to the wall" type of right fielder but he did have a terrific arm and was extremely durable.

    RUNNER UP: 2010 Jayson Werth


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    Halladay won the Cy Young award in his first season in Philadelphia winning 21 games.  He also tossed a perfect game at Florida and a no-hitter vs Cincinnati in the postseason. He also led the league with nine complete games and four shutouts. 

    RUNNER UP: 1997 Curt Schilling


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    The 2008 season was probably not Hamels best.  He didn't receive any Cy Young votes like he did in 2007 or 2011, but what he did do is dominate in the postseason, sweeping the NLCS and World Series MVP awards.  That gives him the nod over the other Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee.

    RUNNER UP: 2011 Cliff Lee

CLOSER: 2008 Brad Lidge

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    This one was easy.  Lidge was perfect during the 2008 season, and the postseason, and struck out Eric Hinske to finish off the Tampa Bay Rays. 

    Lidge was just remarkable. 

    He went 2-0 with a 1.95 ERA saving 41 games with no blown saves.  He also had seven saves in the post season and a sub 1.00 ERA.

    He finished 4th in Cy Young voting, 8th in MVP voting, and was named to the NL All Star game.  This was the best season by a closer in team history.

    RUNNER UP: 2002 Jose Mesa

NON CLOSING RELIEVER: 2003 Rheal Cormier

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    Cormier had an inconsistent tenure in six seasons while in Philadelphia but in 2003, he captured lightning in a bottle.  Rheal went 8-0 with a 1.70 ERA in 65 games.  He allowed just 54 hits in 84.2 innings with a sparkling 0.933 WHIP. 

    RUNNER UP: 2007 J.C. Romero

BENCH PLAYER: 2008 Greg Dobbs

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    Dobbs was a machine for the 2008 World Champs.  Greg hit .301 with 9 home runs and 40 RBIs in just 226 at bats.  His pinch hitting was clutch and consistent.  He didn't hit the big postseason home run like Matt Stairs, but for the entire season, Dobbs was the man.

    RUNNER UP: 1999 Kevin Jordan


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    So, if Charlie Manuel was handed this group to build a lineup with, how should he pencil them in? Well here you go:


    1. Dykstra (93)

    2. Abreu (99)

    3. Utley (06)

    4. Howard (06)

    5. Rolen (98)

    6. Rollins (07)

    7. Burrell (02)

    8. Lieberthal (99)

    9. Halladay (10)