5 Reasons Why Melvin Ingram Will Succeed in the Pros

Vincent Frank@VincentFrankNFLCorrespondent IApril 16, 2012

5 Reasons Why Melvin Ingram Will Succeed in the Pros

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    Melvin Ingram has quickly become one of the most intriguing defensive prospects in the 2012 NFL draft. He has skyrocketed the draft boards and now appears to be a top-10 pick. 

    Teams are in desperate need of a consistent pass rush now that the NFL has become a pass-first league. One of the primary ways to stop these passing attacks is to put pressure on the quarterback. 

    This is what Ingram is going to specialize in at the next level. 

    Today's article is going to focus on five reasons why the South Carolina product will make a successful transition to the NFL.

5. Scheme Versatility

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    Melvin Ingram can play with his hands down in a 4-3 defense and move to outside linebacker in a 3-4. When it comes to playing in one scheme he has the ability to switch positions depending on certain game situations. 

    This is something most college prospects just don't have heading into the National Football League. This is also something that is going to make Ingram a sought-after player next week. 

    Most of the times teams select players that were defensive ends in college and transition them to the outside linebacker position in the NFL. This causes a tremendous amount of growing pains, but you wont see that in regards to the South Carolina product. 

4. Strength

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    Sports Science is one of the most interesting show on television. It takes a different look at the sports world be bringing science into the equation. 

    The embedded video will show you exactly what I am talking about in regards to strength as it relates to Melvin Ingram. 

    He doesn't just have the ability to bull rush blockers at the point of contact. No, Ingram can throw them into the offensive backfield in the beat of a heart. This is something I noticed consistently in watching video of him in college. 

    Add this strength dimension to his great all-around speed and you have a defensive prospect that has the ability to be downright nasty in the NFL. 

3. Athleticism

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    While strength is an important aspect to Melvin Ingram's game, he is going to make his money with that exceptional athleticism. I am writing about a prospect that can get to the outside against blockers relatively quickly and possesses a tremendous second gear after initial contact. 

    His 4.79 time, despite being solid, doesn't do justice to his speed on the football field. This is another thing I noticed a great deal watching tape of the South Carolina product. 

    Offensive tackles are going to consistently have a hard time fending him of due to his combination of speed and a great swim technique pass-rush move. 

2. Great Combination of Pass-Rush Moves

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    Melvin Ingram is nowhere near as one-dimensional in terms of the pass rush as some of the other defensive players in the 2012 NFL draft

    He has the ability to plant those feet and bull rush the blockers, while also being able to utilize other moves to get to the quarterback. 

    Once again, this is one of the primary reasons that I have him as the best natural pass-rusher in the entire draft. This is also one of the reasons that I have him as a top-10 player. 

1. All-Around Game

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    As I mentioned before, Melvin Ingram isn't a "one-trick pony." Instead, he possesses an all-around game that is unmatched in the 2012 NFL draft. 

    The South Carolina product can play in multiple schemes at a wide array of different positions and be a difference-maker in each situation. This is hard to find when it comes to a prospect, especially at a position where understanding the nuances of the game is extremely important. 

    Look for Ingram to be a three-down player relatively early in his career. 

    By comparison, it took Von Miller half of his rookie season to be able to play that much on the defensive side of the ball and Aldon Smith was never a three-down player as a rookie. 

    That is saying something.