NFL Draft 2012: Adam Schefter Says Matt Kalil to Vikings Is Not a Lock

Sammy Sucu@oblivion08Senior Analyst IApril 12, 2012

This is how Matt Kalil may sit if the Vikings really pass on him with the third overall pick.
This is how Matt Kalil may sit if the Vikings really pass on him with the third overall pick.Joe Robbins/Getty Images

According to, ESPN's Adam Schefter said in a recent Q&A that the Minnesota Vikings will pass on Matt Kalil with the third overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft. 

Schefter acknowledges that he's in the "minority" in this belief, and the Vikings have not finalized their draft-day decision. Schefter has hinted repeatedly on SportsCenter and NFL Live recently that Kalil is far from a lock at No. 3, though, and he takes it a step further in this Q & A session with fans. It would throw quite a wrench into the mock drafts.

According to the Viking Age, in the interview with ESPN Insider, Schefter said he would put his money on the table that the Vikings would pass up on Kalil. 

Schefter is not the first person who has said the Vikings will not select Kalil, but he is the most important. If there is any opinion from the NFL that carries weight, it's Schefter's. 

It would be crazy for the Vikings to stay with the third pick and not select Kalil. He is exactly what the team needs because of their huge hole at the left tackle position.

The Vikes were used to some decent play at the position when Bryant McKinnie was their starter. However, a good dose of laziness and gluttony meant McKinnie showed up to camp overweight a season ago. Therefore, the team eventually cut him and brought in a new starter. 

Last season, Charlie Johnson played left tackle for the Vikings, while three different quarterbacks started under center. Christian Ponder was sacked 30 times in only 10 starts. Meanwhile, Joe Webb and Donovan McNabb were sacked a combined total of 19 times. 

Allowing an average of three sacks per game is not something the Vikings should ever be proud of. Ponder will be the team's starter next season. However, if he is being sacked three or more times per game, he may never develop. 

The Vikings need to bring in a No. 1 target at wide receiver, but they first need to give Ponder his insurance policy in Kalil. 

At 6'7 and 306 pounds, Kalil has the ideal size to be an elite left tackle. He never allowed a sack in college. Even though the NFL is much different and he will likely allow a couple of sacks throughout his career, it shows that he knows how to protect a quarterback. 

If Schefter is right and the Vikings do not select Kalil with the third overall pick in the draft, it must mean that Zygi Wylf and Rick Spielman have traded down with the Miami Dolphins or another team. It would not make sense otherwise. 


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