Chicago Bears Mock Draft: 4 Players the Bears Must Avoid in the 1st Round

Patrick BouskyCorrespondent IIIApril 10, 2012

Chicago Bears Mock Draft: 4 Players the Bears Must Avoid in the 1st Round

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    With the draft just over two weeks away, most experts are putting out their final mocks.  There will be few, if any, free-agent signings that will happen which will make a team-altering impact.  

    That leaves the NFL draft to fill any remaining needs the Bears look to address in our first Jerry Angelo-free draft.

    With needs at tackle, wide receiver, cornerback and defensive end, here is one player at each position who I feel the Bears should avoid at all costs.

    Feel free to discuss.

Mike Adams, LT

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    Mike Adams would be my nightmare first-round draft pick.

    Adams has excellent size and ability for the left tackle position, and yes, he could possibly solidify it for years to come.  

    I don't see that happening, though.

    Adams has been touted as not driven and at times not putting forth full effort.  He gets beat at times by speed rushers and is considered a first-round talent simply because of potential, not NFL-ready ability.  On top of this, Adams has an extensive injury history for someone who is just coming out of college.

    If the Bears were to draft Adams, I would be convinced it's the ghost of Jerry Angelo back to haunt the first round.

Stephen Hill, WR

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    I want to start off by admitting that yes, Stephen Hill's ceiling is enormous.  Hill's potential due to his rare combination of speed and size is something you don't come across every day in the NFL.

    Considering that, I still don't feel he warrants the first-round pick of the Chicago Bears. 

    In 2011, Hill snagged 28 passes at Georgia Tech while also racking up 820 yards, giving him 29.3 YPC.

    That's about all the information you can get about Hill from his college career, and that's what scares me.  There simply isn't enough of a sample to get a good feel for the kind of player Hill will be.

    For those of you who are going to compare him to Calvin Johnson, Johnson racked up 1,202 yards on 72 receptions with 15 touchdowns his final year.  Those numbers aren't exactly what Hill has garnered.

    Hill will be taken in the first round, that much is certain.  Somebody will weight the gamble and decide he's worth the chance—I just hope that team isn't the Chicago Bears.

Janoris Jenkins, CB

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    Janoris Jenkins' talent is undeniable.  He is a rare talent at the cornerback position and has the ability to become one of the top corners in the NFL.  

    That is, if he stays out of trouble, which doesn't seem likely.

    Jenkins has created a laundry list of issues due to his poor decision-making.  He has been arrested for fighting and resisting arrest, during which the police were forced to use a taser on Jenkins to subdue him.

    Add that on top of another fight he was involved in and two marijuana related charges, and you have Jenkins' dismissal from the Florida Gators.  

    Jenkins is also the father of four children.  From four different mothers.

    This was all pre-combine knowledge.  Post-combine, just a few days ago, it was reported Jenkins was looking for the services of a new agent.  Not because he fired his agent, which happens all the time, but because his agent fired him.

    According to NBC Sports via Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel, Jenkins is in the market for a new agent after being fired by his.  Bianchi added, “You’ve got to be pretty shady for agent to fire player.”.  

    The big question is this: When you have someone with such a colorful, problematic history, do you think handing him a boatload of cash is going to reduce his risk of doing something dumb?  Didn't think so.

Whitney Mercilus, DE

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    Mercilus will be the most argued-about player on this list.

    In his final year at the University of Illinois, Mercilus led the nation in sacks and forced fumbles.  He is a big, fast defensive end with the ability to cause havoc at the line of scrimmage.  These are all things scouts and fans took note of in his one year as a starter.  Yeah, one year as a starter.

    My issue with Mercilus is the same as with Hill.

    In order to ensure you obtain a quality player, you can't roll the dice on someone that hasn't proven much outside of one season and some stats taken in a controlled setting.

    Quinton Coples was productive the entire time he was at North Carolina.  Michael Floyd has been the biggest threat for Notre Dame during his tenure with the Fighting Irish.

    Whitney Mercilus?  Well, scouts didn't even know who he was prior to his junior year.  

    For a Chicago Bears team looking to win now, not later, I think they should take a safer pick when they are on the clock.

    Here's to hoping.