Draft Prospects with Most to Gain or Lose at 2nd Medical Exams in Indianapolis

Sigmund BloomNFL Draft Lead WriterApril 10, 2012

If Peter Konz dislocated ankle doesn't check out in Indy this week, he could fall out of the first round.
If Peter Konz dislocated ankle doesn't check out in Indy this week, he could fall out of the first round.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Some highly-rated prospects are gathering in Indianapolis this week, but it won't be televised. Teams will still be paying very close attention to the results of the exams of players who have been limited or even completely sidelined during the postseason by injuries.

Frank Cooney of NFLDraftScout.com has the complete list of players schedules for re-checks. Who has the most to gain or lose?

Potential Risers

Josh Chapman, NT, Alabama - The big nose tackle had a torn ACL that he played on for most of the year, which was repaired in January. This isn't as devastating an injury for an interior lineman as it is for a skill player, and it shouldn't limit Chapman's future. As long as everything is on schedule, Chapman could get into the second round on his quality and the scarcity of his position.

Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma - Broyles tore his ACL in the regular season, so it's miraculous that he plans on having a pro day style workout this week on April 12. If he can perform at that pro day and come out ahead of schedule in his re-check, Broyles might get back into the draft's second day.

TY Hilton, WR, Florida International - No one disputes that Hilton is extremely impressive on tape, but that's just about all Hilton has contributed to his portfolio since a hamstring injury took him out for the all-star games and combine. He did have a pro day, but this re-check could also be another chance for teams to evaluate his long-term durability. His speed is the type of quality that makes teams talk themselves into taking the plunge earlier than later, and this exam could give them push they need to do it.

Potential Fallers 

Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin - We've all been putting the number one center in this class at or near the first round because of his clear status as the best of his position and his versatility. In doing that, we have glossed over his dislocated ankle that has kept him from working out all spring. First-round picks are too valuable to spend on an interior lineman who still has an injury from the 2011 regular season hanging over him.

Markelle Martin, S, Oklahoma State - Martin is one of the more athletic talents in this thin class of safeties, but he hasn't been able to verify that athleticism for teams. If his knee is still far from sound after post-combine surgery, he could fall into the third day of the draft.

Chase Minnifield, CB, Virginia - Minnifield couldn't work out at the combine after January knee surgery that was supposed to be minor. He said he was only at 80 percent during a disappointing pro day performance. Almost a month later, he'll need to check out near 100 percent to make a team feel good about spending a mid-round pick on him.

Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia - Boykin was supposed to have a workout on April 9 after breaking his fibula in the Senior Bowl, but he did not meet his goal and did not have the workout. He wasn't supposed to last too long on the draft's second day, but if his fibula isn't healing correctly, he could give teams a reason to pass on him.