Chicago Bears Won't Draft a QB (My Introduction to the Site)

Jared BarnesCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2009

Let me first say hello to everyone. This is my first article on the site, and I am glad I found this place. So here we go....

Some may argue the Bears need to go QB with the first pick in this upcoming draft. But do any us really feel there is a QB worth taking with the first pick (no)?

Do any of us find Jerry Angelo to be good at drafting playmakers on offence (no!, Forte was someone else's choice, I suppose)? Do any of us think after a decent year they will replace Kyle Orton after they didn't replace a much worse Rex Grossman after years of failure (no)?

In 2008, we got Matt Forte who was who I hoped we would draft and he did great despite being a workhorse and slipping near mid season. He's good for years to come. We also picked up Chris Williams who should be fine with time.

I believe in building a team in the trenches rather than building it around big name "playmakers" like the Lions did (thus their ultimate collapse).

A great team built on both lines makes everyone behind them look great(the Texans have drafted great IMO). A poorly constructed line (on either side) made out of Popsicle sticks will make even the greatest look bad. Despite this fact, I feel the Bears have enough pieces on both lines to for go drafting a linemen in the first round.

I think the Bears greatest weakness is at WR. The Bears have one guy who scares opposing teams defences, Devin Hester. Hester is not an every down WR though, he's a slot WR and a deep threat.

Sadly, Kyle Orton has the worse deep ball in the NFL, and it makes Hester's speed useless. Hester will be great at the position one day, but not yet. He needs help. Receivers are historically poor in their rookie seasons so this may not be a quick fix like Bears fans hope for.

I would even say we could skip drafting a WR if the Bears address is via free agency. I would like to see this but I won't rely on the Bears doing anything in free agency which they normally don't. I am far from an expert on college players and who will translate well into the league (although I am good at predicting QB's) so the WR of choice you the reader can choose. 

Drafting a receiver is a dangerous game though, I mean look how Mark Bradley and DT turned out. Berrian was the only decent one and he was over paid by the Vikings.

Kyle Orton needs some help and right now he's got a deep threat who he can't get the ball to, a TE who is turning into something, a RB who can't carry the whole team on his back, and a who's who of receivers no team wants.

The Line is not great but good enough at this point, although I wouldn't mind an upgrade.

Angelo loves to draft defense so I am sure he will yet again. He thinks building on defense year in and year out will some how make up for an almost weaponless offence but, he's the GM not me.

The point of this article, which may seem to be scatterbrained (which is Ma Bad), is the Bears need to draft a WR, or sign one in free agency, and not some underachiever like Lloyd, I mean a stud like Boldin.