3 Reasons Cleveland Browns Fans Should Be Optimistic About Colt McCoy

BlakeContributor IIApril 4, 2012

3 Reasons Cleveland Browns Fans Should Be Optimistic About Colt McCoy

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    After much speculation and rumors of new drafts, the Cleveland Browns have reached a decision. On Tuesday, March 27, Browns' coach Pat Shurmur announced that Colt McCoy will be their starting quarterback for the upcoming season.

    With the disappointment of the 2011 season still looming, this report has left Browns fans unsure of what to think. However, a brand new season is approaching. Here are three reasons Browns fans should put their preconceived notions aside and get pumped about a fresh, new season under McCoy.

1. McCoy's Impressive College Achievements

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    The success of McCoy's college football career is a solid telling of his talent and ability to contribute to a team. Some of his notable credentials include breaking several records at the University of Texas, the Associated Press' 2008 Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year and the 2008 Heisman Trophy runner-up. He also led the Longhorns to their victory over Nebraska and winning the 2009 Big 12 Championship title.

    Although McCoy was the 85th pick in the 2010 NFL draft, Browns fans should still appreciate the impressive background of their starting quarterback. Fans should recognize that as McCoy's potential to achieve greatness for the Browns, just as he did for the Longhorns.

2. McCoy Can Lead the Browns to Upset Victories

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    Despite 2011 being a letdown for the Browns, the upset victories they pulled off that season cannot be ignored. Just one week after McCoy's starting quarterback debut, McCoy led the Browns to defeating the New Orleans Saints, reigning Super Bowl champions at the time, by 30-17 points. This was followed by McCoy leading an additional upset victory of 34-14 against the New England Patriots.

3. Browns Coach Pat Shurmur Stands Behind McCoy

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    After announcing McCoy's 2012 starting quarterback position, Browns coach Pat Shurmur vowed to be committed to McCoy's progress and "do everything I can to get him better in the off-season so he can perform at a high level."

    Shurmur also expressed his confidence in the quarterback's success, saying, "I really believe he has a chance to be a fine player in this league."

    Browns fans should trust their coach's decision and have optimistic expectations of Colt McCoy's 2012 season.