What If Vince Young Follows Schwartz? Draft Questions

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What If Vince Young Follows Schwartz? Draft Questions

What if? Let's play with that for a little while for our Detroit Lions. What if the Detroit Lions trade for Vince Young? I recently read a post on a radio show about the possiblity of trading the Dallas pick—which is No. 20 overrall—for Young. Which is way too much for a QB they want thrown out of town. Maybe a third round pick would be appropriate.

If Duante Culpepper doesn't get in shape, which isn't expected, Vince Young would be an excellent addition to Detroit. Not much is expected for next year so there won't be pressure to win. Maybe Vince could even reach his full potential, if he is used the right way. My opinion of using Vince the right way is letting him create kind of in the way Roethlisberger does, but this would be with Vince Young speed and attentiveness. 

The biggest difference however, between the Steelers and the Lions is the offensive line. It is the most important part of a team, in my opinion. Therefore, I think the Lions should take Andre Smith from Alabama if they can't trade down. Then with the Cowboys pick, take Mark Sanchez from USC, provided he has a bad pro day.

When Sanchez declared his intentions for the draft Pete Carroll, head coach of USC, objected to his decision to not finish with one more year to prepare for the NFL. Below is the video of Carroll talking about his disagreement with Sanchez's decision. (You may have to copy paste but it is a good video.)


This could drop Sanchez down the board becuase of the respect Pete Carroll has from, well, EVERYONE. Pete Carroll is a very good coach but I disagree with his decision to go public like that for a kid he recruited. Sanchez is going pro and Carroll doesn't even send him out on a positive note. I mean he is about to finish with his degree. What more do you want from him?

When you are USC and you get anyone you want, you must expect people leaving early, this is the year afterall to go pro with the impending collective bargaining agreement, where rookies wont make as much as they will with this draft.

But then again, Orlovsky isn't bad, maybe they let him prepare for a season as they wait to acquire Tim Tebow next year at No, 1 in the draft. Which he will be, I mean come on Tim Tebow is cooler than Superman right? I don't know I think I heard that somewhere. We should wait on Superman to be the Lions' leader.

Does anyone else want to play what if?

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