Nike NFL Uniforms 2012: Release Date, Leaked Info, Teasers and More

Michael DixonAnalyst IIIMarch 28, 2012

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Sunday will not only bring a new month to the calender, but also a new look to the NFL and its apparel. Nike will take over from Reebok as the official seller of NFL merchandise.


Release Date: Nike takes over from Reebok as the NFL's official apparel licensee on April 1 and, according to Paul Lukas of ESPN, you will be able to see Nike's new clothes in retailers immediately.  

Nike will take over as the NFL's official outfitter. The change will immediately become apparent at retail outlets, which will start selling new Nike merchandise along with a new line of NFL caps from New Era.

While some apparel will be in stores immediately, the Associated Press is reporting that the jerseys won't be for sale until the weekend of the NFL draft. Meanwhile, Lukas (link above) said that the jerseys won't be officially revealed to the public until April 3. 

In this video starring Michael Irvin, Nike hinted strongly that a different look is on its way with Nike. 


Leaked Info: If you're looking for what will be included on the jerseys, the team logo is always a good bet. A few new looks are being floated around, notably for the Seahawks and Panthers


Speculation: There has been plenty of guesses as to what the new jerseys might look like.

If you do a Google image search for "Nike NFL Uniforms," you will undeniably come across something like this (via

It's fun to think about, especially when you consider what some college uniforms need to look like—but if you read the text, you'll see that they're just speculating. 

Given how much tradition runs through the NFL, I would say that it's highly doubtful (to put it nicely) that we'll see anything even close to this. 

Realistically, there will surely be some tweaks and modifications, but these uniforms will look similar to the ones we've seen for the last decade.