Fantasy Baseball 2012: 6 Under-the-Radar Sluggers to Target

Avi Wolfman-ArentCorrespondent IIMarch 28, 2012

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I gave a succinct account of my fantasy baseball strategy in this post from a few days ago.

To recap:

Find underperformers, exploit your opponents’ prejudices, repeat.

I should, however, add a caveat.

Let’s say every member of your league worships a certain fantasy analyst—for ego’s sake we’ll say me—and every member of your league re-adjusts their appraisal of players based on who I deem “under-the-radar.”

Well, guess what, that player isn’t under the radar anymore. You have to get a sense of your competitors and their biases before targeting certain players.

Or to put it another way: Don’t overdraft under-the-radar players. Don’t slot Eric Hosmer above Paul Konerko just because the former is underrated by most fantasy owners and the latter overrated.

Chances are Paul Konerko will have a better season on aggregate than Eric Hosmer, and that’s the only relevant comparison.

Now, if people are lunging for Konerko in the third round and you think you can get Hosmer in the eighth, by all means take Hosmer. But don’t pretend he’s the better player.

Perhaps that’s all obvious, but I think sometimes common sense gets lost in the bargain hunting.

With that pedantic ramble aside, let’s get to the video.

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