25 Most Ridiculous MLB Mascot Moments of All Time

Dan Tylicki@DanTylickiAnalyst IMarch 28, 2012

25 Most Ridiculous MLB Mascot Moments of All Time

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    Whether it's the Phillie Phanatic, Mr. Met, or one of the many others, mascots of Major League Baseball have had their place in the baseball world for the past couple decades.

    Even if mascots are relatively new given how traditionalist baseball is as a sport, they have still provided us with many crazy moments. Whether it's a mascot attacking another mascot, a player having fun with one, or simply something strange, mascots can bring that little extra to a game.

    Here are 25 of the most ridiculous mascot moments.

25. Jayson Werth Wins Presidents Race

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    Jayson Werth had his struggles during his debut 2011 season with the Washington Nationals, but if he had a moment of glory, it was in September 2011 during the Presidents Race.

    In a bid to let Teddy Roosevelt finally win a race, Werth and the Nationals bullpen held the other three presidents back, and all four were eventually pushed into the right field wall. With no one left to race, Werth crossed the finish line, the only non-president to do so to date.

24. Crazy Crab as Himself

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    It's a big strange to put a mascot in and of itself into a ridiculous moments list, but for this particular one, there's a reason why.

    Crazy Crab was the mascot of the San Francisco Giants during the 1984 season and only lasted the one year. He was purposely meant as one that the fans were to boo, and some even chucked batteries at the mascot during his time there.

    As the Giants were a bad team in 1984, he was retired quickly, as the point was more for entertainment then actually being any sort of mascot.

23. Lou Seal Sprays the Dodgers

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    The Giants and Dodgers squared off in 2007, and while they were well behind the other three teams in the NL West division, they managed to keep things interesting.

    Lou Seal, the Giants' mascot, approached a Dodgers fan and sprayed her and the sign with what appeared to be silly string. It seemed completely out of nowhere, which added to just how ridiculous it was.

22. Raymond Goes Nuts

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    During the first decade of their existence, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays really did not have anything going for them, as their teams seemed perpetually bad. They did, however, have a great mascot in Raymond.

    At a Devil Rays game in 2007 against the Athletics, Raymond began to stumble, took off his uniform, and acted crazy in a sense that's not all that easy to write about. If nothing else, it certainly distracted the Athletics' lineup a bit.

21. Louis Van Zelst

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    While Van Zelst's career as a mascot was ridiculous enough in a sense, everything else associated with it adds to how ridiculous it was.

    Louis Van Zelst was a hunchback that Connie Mack took a liking to, so he became a batboy and a mascot between 1910 and 1915, with him even letting teammates rub his back for good luck.

    It worked, as the Athletics were a perennially great team during this time but fell apart after his death in Match 1915 due to Bright's Disease.

20. The Painful Year of 1995

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    This one is a collection of moments, and you would expect the occasional injury, but what happened in 1995 was ridiculous enough to make the list.

    In the ALCS pitting the Seattle Mariners against the Cleveland Indians, you had two injured mascots. Mariner Moose broke his leg while skating into the outfield fence, and Slider tore his ACL a week later after a botched somersault.

    Both teams exited the playoffs shortly after the mascots' injuries, as the Mariners fell in the ALCS and the Indians lost in the World Series to the Atlanta Braves, who had zero injured mascots.

19. Billy the Marlin Scares Children and Everyone Else

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    Billy the Marlin has been the mascot of the Miami Marlins since their inception, and as a result Miami is one of the only teams to have a mascot since the beginning.

    One of Billy the Marlin's antics took place at Hard Rock Cafe. He had a different head to make him look like a blow up doll, and he scared customers as they walked by. Most were freaked out, but a few did land punches, and he was eventually escorted out by security.

18. Mr. Redlegs Gets Beheaded

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    The original Mr. Red has been retired but could be making a comeback this season, taking the field along with Mr. Redlegs, who made waves a few years back.

    Riding on the back of an ATV is a common enough occurrence for mascots, but upon Mr. Redlegs falling off of one, he broke the cardinal rule of being a mascot by losing his head. He walked off and was fine, but the kids who saw that had to have been horrified.

17. Chorizo Can't Handle the Meat

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    The Milwaukee Brewers Sausage Race is one of the big mascot traditions in baseball. As a result, you would hope they would at least be able to run.

    That was not the case for Cinco the Chorizo who, in a 2009 race, fell over while trying to catch up to the Bratwurst, taking out the Polish sausage in the process.

16. Sluggerrr Can't Aim

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    It's not often that Sluggerrr, the Kansas City Royals' mascot, makes headlines, especially in comparison to some others, but he did pull off a ridiculous stunt back in 2009.

    While shooting hot dogs into the stands, he decided to try shooting one backwards. It ended up hitting a fan right in the eye, causing some medical problems and leading to a lawsuit and a new person donning the mascot head.

15. Security Guard 1, Stomper 0

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    When it comes to mascots, you expect the players to poke fun occasionally at them. A security guard getting in on that? That's ridiculous, yet awesome.

    This past season, Oakland A's mascot Stomper was walking past fans, minding his own business, when a guard began mimicking his antics. Every time he turned around, the guard went back to simply standing there. The two then wrapped it up by doing the dancing together.

14. Baltimore Oriole Bird Attacks the Presidents

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    As you'll see quite a few times coming up, the Orioles and Nationals have quite a rivalry when it comes to their mascots, with a big part of that coming in 2010.

    In a May matchup, Teddy had an early lead on George and Abe, and as they passed the right field corner, the bird attacked Teddy and the other two. Tom was far enough behind to get the win, but the rivalry continued to grow.

    The Bird had attacked Teddy in the past, leading to the next moment on the list.

13. Teddy Roosevelt's Revenge

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    By 2009, Teddy Roosevelt already had a reputation as being unable to win the Presidents Race, even though the event was still relatively new. On May 24, 2009, he at least had an excuse when he lost.

    Teddy had a huge lead to start the race, but after the Oriole Bird cost him a previous race (and has done many times since) Teddy went on the offensive and attacked him, allowing George to win the race as T.R. was rather preoccupied with the Bird.

12. Lou Seal vs. Stomper Tricycle Race

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    How would a tricycle race between two mascots be ridiculous? Aside from it being a tricycle race rather than a bicycle race (this is the big leagues after all), they found a way to make it crazy.

    The San Francisco Giants mascot Lou Seal faced off against the Oakland Athletics mascot Stomper. Stomper began to pull ahead but was attacked by Crazy Crab, a mascot for one year back in 1984. His re-appearance combined with the show makes this quite ridiculous.

11. Baltimore Oriole Bird Gets Attacked and Sues

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    1998 was a bad year for the Baltimore Orioles. They were a shell of their former selves after great seasons in 1996 and 1997, and the Oriole mascot had a scary moment as well.

    While the Baltimore Oriole Bird was in the right field bleachers at Camden Yards, a visitor from Philadelphia pushed him off, and he fell 10 feet, suffering numerous injuries. Unable to re-don the costume, John Krownapple sued the visitor for punitive damages.

    He won, and it goes to show that mascots are people too, even if they are often goofy.

10. Randall Simon Hates Sausages

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    In 2003, the Pirates and Brewers faced off, and as usual, the sausage race was held in the sixth inning. As they were on their way home, Pirates first baseman Randall Simon took a bat to Guido, the Italian sausage, from the dugout.

    Why you would strike a mascot like that, I don't know. Simon completely unraveled in 2004 and was washed up as a player, while the sausages are still going strong.

9. Phillie Phanatic as Lady Gaga

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    The Philly Phanatic is, if not the best MLB mascot, then at least the most well-known of them. This impersonation of Lady Gaga at Opening Day 2010 shows why.

    The Phanatic's dance moves are quite good, and being able to keep them realistic as well adds to the value. It's not quite as ridiculous as other Phanatic events, but it's fun enough to get on the list.

8. Mr. Met Fails as a Sniper

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    Mr. Met isn't quite the Phillie Phanatic, but he is up there in the MLB mascot ranks with his antics. One of his funniest and silliest came back in 2005.

    While hiding in the stands, he shoots the cleaner on the field before hiding. Having a naturally huge head, the cleaner can clearly see him, but the Met doesn't care and continues to act like a sniper.

7. Screech vs. Baltimore Oriole Bird

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    The Orioles and Nationals have a geographical rivalry, if not a very real one since the Orioles haven't been relevant since the Nats became a team. Nonetheless, the two mascots have a rivalry going.

    In a 2009 matchup, the two began jousting each other at Nationals Park. It wasn't much of a contest with Screech easily winning, but what makes it so ridiculous is how floppy the jousting poles were; they practically looked like balloons, yet the two treated them as if they were quite painful, making it ridiculous yet fun.

6. Teddy Roosevelt's One Weakness: Pierogies

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    Teddy Roosevelt may be one of history's greatest presidents, but that doesn't carry over into the Nationals' Presidents Race, where he has never won a race. Even Jayson Werth won a race this past year to beat out TR.

    It looked like he would finally win a race in May 2009 in a Nationals-Pirates matchup, but the visiting Pierogies clotheslined him and knocked him to the ground, keeping him from winning yet again.

5. Phillie Phanatic Wants His Keys Back

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    Sometimes the funniest and most ridiculous events in mascot lore are the acted ones, as was the case with the Phillie Phanatic and Mets third baseman David Wright in August 2008.

    The Phanatic's keys to his ATV went missing, and he believed Wright took them. He even got the police involved to give him a pat-down, wanting him arrested. It's times like these that show why the Phanatic is an elite sports mascot.

4. Youppi! Gets Ejected

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    The longtime mascot of the NHL's Montreal Canadiens and the former Montreal Expos, Youppi! has a place in baseball lore as the first mascot to get ejected.

    On August 23, 1989, Youppi! was dancing on the visitors' dugout and snuck into the front row as the Dodgers-Expos game went into extra innings. Tommy Lasorda complained about his antics to the umpires, and sure enough, he was ejected.

    Without the mascot's antics to get things moving, the game ended up lasting 22 innings until the Dodgers finally scored.

3. Mariner Moose Runs over Coco Crisp

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    In August 2007, the Boston Red Sox were in the thick of the playoff race, up seven games in the AL East, while the Seattle Mariners were down just a couple games in the AL West. How do you give yourselves an advantage when facing the eventual World Series champs?

    In the case of Mariner Moose, he decided to run over outfielder Coco Crisp between innings as he was heading back into the field. The Red Sox rallied after that, scoring seven runs in the final three innings to win 9-2, and Crisp simply shrugged it off.

2. San Diego Chicken Outdanced By...Barney?

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    In 2008, the San Diego Chicken showcased some of his dance skills in a Padres-Giants game. In what became a recurring matchup—the San Diego Chicken and Barney—the Chicken showed off his moves and waited for Barney to do the same.

    The purple dinosaur ended up breakdancing and looking nothing like what many perceived him as, as he completely dominated the competition. I can't put it first because it doesn't involve MLB mascots, but they were on an MLB diamond and I can't not include it on such a list.

1. Tommy Lasorda Confronts Phillie Phanatic

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    On the surface, this doesn't look like much. In a 1988 game, the Phillie Phanatic had some fun with a Tommy Lasorda dummy, running over it earlier in the series between the Philadelphia Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers. Lasorda had had enough of it,  tackling the Phanatic and taking the dummy for himself.

    It's not much on the surface, so why is this top on the ridiculous mascot moments? It wasn't staged. Lasorda's hatred of the Phanatic, and mascots in general, became too much so he attacked. Real beats scripted in my book for ridiculous moments.