Ten Reasons Why the Detroit Lions Should Not Draft a QB No. 1 Overall

Derrick RyanContributor IJanuary 16, 2009

OK, so the Lions have a new coach in Jim Schwartz. As he selects his staff and gets acquainted, he must also ponder his upcoming draft selections.  Well Jim, here is a top 10 list of reasons why you should not end up with a QB as your No. 1 pick.

10. Ryan Leaf: One of the biggest busts of all time. We could end up with him.

9. Joey Harrington: The Detroit Lions' version of Ryan Leaf, albeit still in the league.

8. Only seven QBs selected No. 1 overall have made it to the Super Bowl in their rookie year.

7. A team needs to be built from the inside out—see the New England Patriots.

6. Tom Brady: Dude was selected in the sixth round, and look at him now...

5. Do the Lions actually need another QB right now? They have at least five on the current roster as it stands currently.  In the first year of rebuilding under Schwartz, why waste the money and pick another?

4. Next year's QB crop should prove to have a better selection. Guys like Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, and others should be out there for the taking. 

3. Offense was not the worst part of the Lions' team makeup and performance in '08—it was the defense. Granted, the team wasn't that much better in offensive categories. 

2. Jon Kitna is still a great leader.  The team was on pace to meet his prediction of 10 wins in 2007 before they hit a losing streak that is still going. He was placed on IR after complaining about play calling early in the season this year. Yes, the same play calling that led the Lions to a disastrous 0-16 record.

1. Andre Smith/Jake Long: Andre Smith is this year's Jake Long. Among others, the addition of Jake Long to the Miami Dolphins solidified that team up front and allowed Chad Pennington to find receivers and lead that team to the playoffs.  This a year after a 1-15 season the year before.  If they can do it with a pick like that, why can't the Lions?