Minnesota Twins 2012: Does the Latest Round of Cuts Give Brian Dozier a Chance?

Tim MeehanCorrespondent IMarch 22, 2012

Twins prospect Brian Dozier
Twins prospect Brian DozierJ. Meric/Getty Images

The Minnesota Twins made another round of cuts today. One name that wasn't on the list of cuts was that of prospect Brian Dozier.

Does making it past this round of cuts give him more hope of breaking camp with the team, or does Twins management just want to see him against some stiffer competition before sending him to Triple-A?

It was widely reported last week that the only real chance Dozier had of making the Twins opening day roster was if he became the starting shortstop. The sentiment is very simple, Dozier is too young and too talented to not be playing every day. If that means he will need to go down to Triple-A for a little while, then that is what is going to happen.

Manager Ron Gardenhire had some interesting thoughts on Dozier, saying "But to play [every day]? Absolutely. I wouldn't be afraid of that at all, to tell you the truth."

All this talk about Brian Dozier this spring is apparently leading to one thing, his coming to the big club sometime this season. If Jamey Carroll or Alexi Casilla get hurt, expect to see Dozier being called up. If Carroll or Casilla struggle mightily, expect Dozier to get a shot.

The biggest thing that the Twins will want to see Dozier working on during the rest of the spring training and when he heads to Triple-A is cutting down his strikeouts. He has four strikeouts in 22 at-bats this spring. Considering that he would most likely fill the two-hole in the lineup, he is in a spot where he has to get the bat on the ball.

As for the last utility spot on the roster, it appears as though Sean Burroughs is going to get a chance to fill it. He has major league experience. He is hitting .286/.423/.381 this spring. If he wants a chance to stick with the Twins long term he is going to need to improve on his slugging, but overall they are respectable numbers for a utility man.