Why "The Patch" Was Genius

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Pure genius!

The Mets and the Wilpons outfoxed us all this week.  We all took the head-fake and didn't look at the man behind the curtain.  Well played.

First they felt us out with "Baracklyn."   A few loudmouths like me took the bait but most of you kept your heads and focused on the real story - Derek Lowe.

When Baracklyn didn't work the Wilpons unfurled their secret weapon: The Patch!

The blogosphere went nuts.   The internet went nuts!  For a few hours The Patch was one of the most ridiculed things in the world (thanks to Yahoo).

(Oh and by the way we didn't sign Lowe)  Yeah how about that stupid patch!!!!!!

Well played Wilpons.  You distracted us all, but we're back now.

We don't care about The Patch anymore.   We don't care about Bernie Madoff and financial rumors.  We don't care about banks and signage.  We care about pitching, left field and second base.

This team is not ready to win the east, never mind the World Series.   There's one ace starter, two guys that seem like they might be good pitchers, nobody starting the fourth game of the season and a so-so pitcher from the Nats on Day 5.  

Where's Manny?   Where's Ollie?  You have the money ($40 of it is mine, thanks again for that "order charge" on my partial plans.)...or maybe you don't?  Could this Madoff rumor be true?   Or do you just not like pitching?  

I know, stop asking questions Mets Police - keep your eye on the patch, and The Apple and the black uniforms.


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