Kansas City Chiefs' Scott Pioli May Trade Down in Upcoming Draft

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

With the news that Sam Bradford, the star quarterback from Oklahoma, is not coming out, made me think what the Chiefs might do with the third overall selection in the upcoming draft.

Sure, there is still another quarterback by the name of Matthew Stafford from Georgia, but I'm not sold on him. Brian Orakpo, the star defensive end from Texas, would now probably be the guy I would take assuming Pioli dosen't trade down.

Aaron Curry is another name that has been tossed around, but I think he is a reach for the Chiefs in the No. 3 slot. Micheal Crabtree's explosiveness has some people wanting him.

But as the saying goes, "great offenses sell tickets, but great defenses win championships" and I would love to see a championship team in Kansas City.

So at this point, if the Chiefs trade down, I would try my hardest to get Aaron Curry or a stud defensive lineman, and a guy to look out for in either late first round or early second round is Micheal Johnson, the defensive end from Georgia tech.

He has some character issues, but nothing that cannot be corrected. We need to address the center position and right side of the line as well.

Whether that is through the draft or free agency, I don't care as long as we get some solid players in here.

The quarterback issue needs to be addressed sooner or later, but there are some solid free agents out there and as I said earlier, I don't think Matthew Stafford will be as good as people think in the NFL.

I'm sorry if you guys think Tyler Thigpen is the guy, but realistically he is only a backup. Sure, he had solid numbers for a bad team, but realistically as much as you guys adore him, he is only a back up to most teams.

So, in the draft get Brian Orakpo with the third overall pick. If Scott Pioli trades down try your hardest to get Aaron Curry, and if the Chiefs can get a later first rounder, get Micheal Johnson.