Why Have A Patch At All?

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Why Have A Patch At All?
I've been thinking about the Mets patch.  
Why have a patch at all?  What does it accomplish?
Does it somehow generate merchandise sales?  Are there crazies who really need a fifth Wright jersey except this one has a patch?
Does it rub it in the faces of other teams?  Will the Cubs feel jealous that they don't have a new stadium?  Will the Mets pick runners off first because they are confused, thinking the Mets have been around for nearly 50 years?   (Speaking of which, I can't wait to see the 50th anniversary patch).
This Inaugural Season patch (which doesn't make sense unless we travel to 1962) doesn't even provide a warm fuzzy feeling the way the Shea patch did.  In fact, all it did was make the Mets a world-wide joke.
Would it kill the ownership to announce they made a mistake?  For once, just admit you made a mistake.  
What if they withdrew the patch and said that they got the overwhelming sense from their fans that the patch was disliked.   They'd have egg on their face for five more minutes, and probably a bunch of positive newspaper articles about their wisdom...and then we all move on....
....in blue hats and pinstriped uniforms with no patches.

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