Tennessee Titans Look to Fill Holes In 2009 Rookie Draft

Kevin MarkumCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

With a disappointing loss in the Titans playoff opener, the Titan’s news is pretty slim as it stands.  Rather than look back to the 2008-2009 season, it is time to look forward to next season.  The Titans certainly have a lot of offseason planning to do, and a big part of that will come by means of the 2009 NFL Draft.  Who will the Titans look at?  Why?


Assuming the Titans are drafting later on in the first round, I have a few suggestions as to who the Titans might target.  Obviously, this is purely speculation.  Even so, as a Titans fan, it is all I have on my plate right now.


When you consider the Titans strengths, you have to think about a solid running game and an aggressive defense.  The Titans, this past season, had a lack of depth at the cornerback position with an aging Nick Harper and other injuries.  Chris Carr is not a big game defender and Cortland Finnegan can’t guard everyone.


I suggest that the Titans will focus on D.J. Moore (CB) out of Vanderbilt.  This makes a lot of sense after D.J. was a favorite in Nashville already and could continue to make a career there with the Titans.  He could be available late in the first round, but this is purely speculation.  He posted five interceptions and had 12 in his career at Vanderbilt.


The next round, I’m going to go off of the speculation I’ve seen in recent mock drafts and suggest Tyrone McKenzie (OLB) out of USF.  Many suggest that Keith Bullock’s days in Nashville could be nearing an end with a pending free agency at the end of 2009.  The Titans probably won’t be big spenders with Bullock considering his age.


In Round three, the Titans need to target a young QB.  I suggest this because of an aging Kerry Collins, an unreliable Vince Young, and a need for depth at the position.  A realistic expectation would be a fourth or fifth round QB, but I can hope for a guy like Nate Davis (QB) from Ball State or Josh Freeman (QB) out of Kansas State.


I see the Titans targeting a wide receiver at some point, but as usual it won’t be until the later rounds.  I’d like to see the Titans target an established return guy that can take the pressure off of Chris Carr.


The Offensive Line is strong for 2009, but they could also look to add depth this season.  The Defensive Line is very strong assuming that the Titans are able to lock up Albert Haynesworth.  Jones and Hayes were big pickups in 2008’s draft that will hold up the future of that D-Line for a few years.


The Titan’s are strong at the running back position so I don’t see them using a high draft pick on another one.  The Titans could consider drafting a punter.  Craig Hentrich is great, but his age is catching up with him.  The Titans could wait until 2010 to draft a punter though.


I don’t see the Titans making any dramatic upgrades this draft.  They are going to look to draft players that will develop into solid starters within two to three seasons.  This draft should still be good for the Titans.  If they can do half as well as they did in the 2008 draft (Chris Johnson and Jason Jones), the Titans can be very dangerous in 2009.