Dallas Cowboys want Darren McFadden?

greg pitschSenior Analyst IFebruary 26, 2008

With talks surfacing all over the web, TV, and Radio about how bad the Dallas Cowboys wants Darren McFadden, and their willingness to trade with Miami.  To me, this makes no sense.

First off, I understand that Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells are willing to work together, and he is helping Parcells re-tool his team with three picks, and a proven running back.  But would Miami even take McFadden, or trade with anybody else? 

They are more interested in Virginia's Chris Long to benefit Jason Taylor in the more than predictable 3-4 style Parcells’ will adapt.

This trade could potentially benefit both parties, but why would Jones make him the first pick in the draft if he can get him at third, fourth, or fifth pick? 

There lies the problem. 

He is not the only owner interested in pursuing what could become of Darren.  Nobody knows for sure if he will be good or great, that is why people are shaky, when it comes to paying 30 plus million for uncertainty.

I believe the Cowboys would be foolish to make this trade with Miami, because most likely he could be still there at the fourth or fifth pick.  He becomes cheaper with every pick that he is not taken. 

But as we all know, the Dolphins are in no room to pass on three picks, and an all-star running back with the condition of their team. 

Ronnie Brown and Marion Barber, would be an amazing one-two punch, and the plus side with all the picks, is they can get a few decent players relatively cheap, a big advantage when you are rebuilding.  But will it ruin the chance of them creating a high powered pass rush with their front line?

If offered the Dolphins will more than likely take this deal?