The Biggest Mistake: Nate Davis Enters NFL Draft

Joe HuberCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

Ball State Cardinals football is having a pretty rough time these days.  Losing head coach Brady Hoke to San Diego State University, plus the three assistants that followed suit, and now the best quarterback ever to grace the University is making an exit too.

Nate Davis has declared for the NFL draft.

Now a month or so ago, I would have said there is nothing better that he could do than to declare.  Davis was a first day projection and would have made enough money to support himself and his family easily.  Today, I'm not certain he even makes it until the sixth or seventh round.

The MAC Championship against Buffalo cost Davis, but there was still time to make up his draft position.  He played with the flu, and I think scouts took that into consideration.  However, he suffered the same problems with ball control in the GMAC Bowl against Tulsa, fumbling twice.

Davis did NOT lose the game for BSU.  The team just didn't play well.  End of story.

Davis might have fumbled twice, and the interception doesn't really count.  It hit a BSU receiver and fell into the welcome hands of a Tulsa defensive back.  Our defense didn't get on the bus to Mobile, either.

Still, the trend with fumbles was unsettling.  I sincerely hope that he winds up in the third round, laughing about how stupid anyone was to think that just because he fumbled a few times.

He has a great delivery and awesome arm power, but the ball control is a problem.  Scouts don't like that he throws with a glove, and without the laces.  He has positives and negatives just like Matt Stafford of Georgia; it just so happens that Stafford's negatives are more minor.

Honestly, and this is without my Cardinals at heart, the best thing Nate Davis could do for himself and his family is go back to Ball State for one more year, tear it up, and give NFL scouts one more look.

He can make more money that way by adding more experience and proving his ball control skills.  He's not bad with the ball normally.

I wish him all the best in the NFL, and I'll be rooting hard for him to succeed, but I don't think it's the right call.

Farewell Nasty Nate—here's to you getting drafted on April 25.