5 Biggest Winners and Losers of Mario Williams to Buffalo Bills

Cian Fahey@CianafFeatured ColumnistMarch 15, 2012

5 Biggest Winners and Losers of Mario Williams to Buffalo Bills

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    After a few days of hesitating, Mario Williams has finally agreed to a deal with the Buffalo Bills according to Adam Schefter.

    Bills fans will undoubtedly be ecstatic to see one of the premiere defensive ends in the league and one of the most sought-after free agents this year. However, is there any reason to be worried? What's the downside? Surely, the Buffalo Bills can't have pulled off this deal?

    Or maybe...they just did.

WINNERS: Chan Gailey

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    There was some level of skepticism about Chan Gailey when he was hired by the Buffalo Bills to be the team's head coach a few years ago. Since then, he has appeared to do a fine job under relatively difficult circumstances.

    Williams obviously had enough respect for the Bills, and Gailey was a big part of that. Not only is Williams signing with the team, he is committing what should be the best years of his career to the city of Buffalo.

    The Bills should have an even greater level of respect for Gailey after he managed to get this deal done. Obviously Williams does, because he never even left Buffalo to entertain if there were better offers elsewhere.

WINNER: Mario Williams

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    Williams has landed in a great situation, competing for an emerging team desperate to play with him. Regardless of the money, which he would have got no matter where he went, the Bills appear to be the perfect fit for Williams to blossom and enjoy a significant portion his career, if not all of it.

    Just look at the welcoming committee:

    Fred22Jackson "Super Mario is in the Building!!! We jus got better as a team!! #BillsMafia #LEGGO" 

    jairusbyrd "Congrats & welcome Mario W....and congrats to #billsnation yall deserve it...job well done #roundofapplause"

    DavidNelson86 "I didn't want to get too excited, or jinx anything... But welcome to Buffalo Mario Williams!! Big Pickup for this organization.. Let's go!"

    GWilson37 "Welcome to Buffalo MW90! See what happens when management, coaches, and players are all pushing in the same direction. #the1ststep #results"

    CJSPILLER "Well that's a great addition to our team with the signing of Mario Williams our dline is going be sick especially with Kyle Williams back"

    NickBarnett "Welcome Mario!!! Bills d is not playing games homie!!!"

    The Bills presented a united front throughout this whole courting process, and have welcomed him into their family almost instantly.

WINNER: Bills' Pitches in Free Agency

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    Adam Schefter reports that the Buffalo Bills are interested in a second Mario in the form of a Manningham.

    Adding Williams makes it easier for the team to attract not only the Super Bowl winner, but any other free agents who they pursue. While financially committing that much money to Williams is restricting, the ability to showcase Williams and promote themselves as contenders for the playoffs is invaluable.

    Manningham made his name for many fans in last year's Super Bowl. Undoubtedly a winning team will be important to him, if it wasn't, he likely would have signed a monster deal already.

WINNER: Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams

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    Williams and Dareus are the two most talented players on the Bills defense. Next year they will move inside together to play as DTs in a 4-3 base defense. They were going to see a lot of double teams and be the focal points of opposing offenses' blocking schemes, but with Williams on the outside all of that changes.

    With Williams playing RE, neither of the DTs can now be double-teamed unless they want to set him free. Stopping this defensive line is going to be nearly impossible as the three players mentioned are all physically overwhelming and unbelievably talented.

LOSER: New England Patriots

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    The Buffalo Bills defense is getting closer and closer to being perfectly built to combat the Patriots' offense. Despite finishing 6-10 last year, the Bills beat the Patriots in their first meeting.

    In that game, Tom Brady threw four interceptions to an opportunistic Bills' secondary. Considering that pressuring Brady through the middle is the best way to disrupt the Patriots' offense as a whole, the addition of Williams and the resultant effect on game-planning will potentially make the Bills his two toughest games of 2012.

    The Bills' defense should be a lot better next year, not just because of Mario, but also the return of Kyle Williams, who missed the second meeting between the two sides last year. The Giants showed in the Super Bowl that multiple pass rushers are very valuable against the Patriots.