The Mets Patch, The Rust, Baracklyn and The Pettitte-Manny Conspiracy

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The Mets Patch, The Rust, Baracklyn and The Pettitte-Manny Conspiracy

Some quick hits.   This patch on the left showed up today.   I think we all agree it is awful and stupid.  It doesn't say what inaugural season.   Is it a trick to fool a future archaeologist to think the Mets first season was 2009?

I find it very interesting that it doesn't mention the corporate sponsor.  You know the one that takes taxpayer money and gives it to the Mets.

Does $20 million not get you on the uniforms?  Are the Mets actually sensitive to the taxpayer backlash?  Are they worried that the name of the stadium may change if something happens to the name of the bank corporation?  It has to be one of those three reasons, right?

The good news is now we finally know what the 2009 uniforms will look like.   I have previously asked why are Mets uniforms a state secret?  At least now we know something.   Pinstripes with black shading is back.  Unlike the recent black uniform variant rumor I believe this one to be true because the always excellent Uni Watch reported it.   By reported it I mean killed it.


Now the quick hits.  The New York Post showed that Taxpayer Field already has rust on it.  It's hard to tell from the picture in the left here but in the Post you can see it.  I apologize to all taxpayers for displaying the name of the bank but I don't have an hour to photoshop.

Tonight I read the Mets are offering three years to Ollie.  That's good.  He's a nice middle of the rotation guy, and we know he won't melt in a tough spot.  Let's just make sure we don't need to hand him the ball in Game 162.

A co-worker suggested how the Yankees will wind up with Manny Ramirez.   The Mets need to sign Andy Pettitte and then five minutes later the Yankees will announce NO NEED TO LOOK OVER THERE HEY LOOK AT US WE SIGNED MANNY and hold the press conference on the same day.  

Finally, let's not even start in yet about the Baracklyn Cyclones.   No that's not me trying to be funny.  It's real.   Here's the teaser video, it's yet another stupid thing the Wilpons do, which is why you need Mets Police, and we'll have a full rant about this in the morning.

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