Giants Ruin NFL Playoffs for Me (and America)

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IJanuary 11, 2009

Cardinals-Eagles. Really?

If Cardinals-Eagles were the 4 p.m. game in Week nine, you'd go walk the dog.

After the Eagles tied the Bengals, Eagles fans wanted to do to McNabb what Mets fans wanted to do to Carlos Delgado on May 1st.

The Cardinals are well, the Cardinals. It will probably take them half the week to sell out the game under threat of blackout.

Meanwhile in the AFC, we have the Chargers, Steelers and Ravens. You tell me what excites you there. Which of those three thrillers do you want to stare at on Super Bowl Sunday?

If the NFL winds up with Ravens-Cardinals then FOX should schedule a bonus American Idol and ABC should schedule something from Hannah Montana. They'll have a good chance of knocking NBC to third place that night. Maybe fourth in NYC if YES televises a Manny Ramirez press conference.

There's going to be ten billion articles about how this years Eagles are like last year's Giants.  Enough already. Tom Coughlin had an interesting game plan which for the most part included running the ball right at the largest collection of Eagles players that the back could find.

Congratulations Philadelphia. You've got the upper hand on New York yet again.  

I'll root for you because I like watching TV. You've ruined the playoffs for everyone in America. Giants-Anything is more interesting for everyone than Eagles-Anything....but it's better than Cardinals-Anything, so go Eagles.  

Is it spring training yet?  Did the NHL lockout ever end—maybe there's something interesting there. Sigh.

Oh by the way - you owe $20,000 for your PSL.  Sorry about the loss.
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