Baltimore Orioles Are Jacking It This Spring

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IJanuary 11, 2009

Yeah I know the headline sounds naughty.

The Orioles are jacking up ticket prices this spring.

Want to see the Bosox play the Orioles? The O's won't sell you a ticket. They will sell you a package of 15 games, or if you don't go for that they'll sell you a package of four in the bad seats (although it's spring, how bad could they be). No singles for the Red Sox game.

Tickets to see the Red Sox or Mets will cost you an extra $2.

Don't worry, the Mets raised the prices on the Red Sox game at Port St. Lucie as well. $25 tickets become $35 and so on.

I understand supply and demand, so I get it.  I hope the next time the Mets decide to lose 100 games that they understand it works the other way too.  At Shea in the '90s, they preferred having an empty upper deck rather than sell $1 seats, and in the '70s, I remember attending games when the uppers were closed off.