Saturday Recruiting Recycle: Kevin Young Part II, Maclin and the Playoffs

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Saturday Recruiting Recycle: Kevin Young Part II, Maclin and the Playoffs


A lot of action this week. Let's get right to it ...


I couldn't have been more shocked yesterday to see Olathe three-star DE Kevin Young de-committed from Nebraska and re-committed to KU.

Though I think we are still want to see him on campus before we celebrate, it's hard not to get excited about adding another DE to this class, which happens to be the best of the Mark Mangino era.

I'd also like to think Hawk Digest played a part in the switchback with this post. Thank you Mrs. Rake for those persuasive writing tips back high school. You were right, it finally paid off.


Well, I'm not going to claim to be a superfan of Jeremy Maclin or anything. I mean, I don't think he's ever been to a leper colony and his family wasn't featured for 60 minutes during the Alamo Bowl.

Still, the guy can play football, and I am very excited to see him in an NFL uniform and out of the traditional mustard and black. KU-bias aside, it was the right decision as there's really no reason to take a beating next year training a brand new QB.

He would have been a heavy target for defenses next year. Despite losing most of their key components, Mizzou fans don't really need to panic. They don't have to play with the all of the projected division winner hype next year, and Jayhawk fans can tell you that's not such a bad place to make a run from. For Kansas, beware of the shunned Tiger.


Really, you can use the Maclin text above to describe the Michael Crabtree to the NFL decision. Trade the mustard for red and you might mention the difference between Mike Leach and Gary Pinkel when assessing Tech's outlook for 2009. Best of luck and we definitely will not miss you when we visit Lubbock next year.


Is it my imagination or did KU and Mark Mangino really minimize the amount of game management errors that we had this season? For the most part, Mangino's been pretty good, but the occasional puzzler would come up a few times during the course of the season. Thinking back, I just couldn't come up with anything too big for 2008.


Yes, I am now four players behind on my list—DE Kevin Young, WR Chris Omigie, WR Erick McGriff and JUCO DE Quintin Woods. All of them are great pickups. Check out our current conference rank and overall rank (32) with Rivals.


You've probably heard five-star Wichita running back Bryce Brown is taking a visit to Manhattan Tech this weekend. He's currently a soft verbal to Miami. His brother Arthur was a five-star LB who is already on the Miami roster. There are all kinds of rumors surrounding this situation (like Arthur is considering a transfer). So, I'd have to say if KSU does somehow land Bryce that would certainly dispel some of the concerns about whether or not Bill Snyder can still recruit. Of course, landing a player from Wichita is a little different than a Texas prospect. Still, it'll be interesting to see how that one plays out. Also, I have a question. Can someone remind me what KU did to the Brown family?


Listening to some sports talk radio here in Kansas City this week, I caught the last part WHB 810's Kevin Kietzman talking with a member of the staff about college football and the BCS versus a playoff. I didn't catch his name, but he brought up something to consider.

We all feel a playoff is inevitable and the interesting thing will be when we look back on the time that we didn't have one. I think he mentioned like fifty years later and his take was that the national championships prior to a playoff won't be viewed the same way. You know they won't be quite as legitimate. I can definitely see that.

Sort of like KU basketball fans look at the 1922 and 1923 national championships. So why do we keep letting the years pass by? Of course, KU has a vested interest in the current system, but I'll get into that next week.

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