Tim Tebow Has a Real Future in Pro Football, Just Not at QB

T.P. GrantAnalyst IJanuary 10, 2009

Tim Tebow could be one of the single most outstanding college players ever and has a real shot to join the Two-Heisman Club with Archie Griffin (I hear it has jackets). His stats are mind-blowing, his plays electrifying, and his heart unquestionable.

Ok now that all that is said, he has almost zero chance of being a pro QB.

The offense Tebow has is so superior to any defense in terms of speed and the spread nature of it has simplified the game for Tebow. Not saying he is stupid, I am saying he almost never has to turn his back on a developing defense to fake a hand off and then turn back around, reassess the defense and throw a pass.

Oh, and by the way, in the NFL you have to do all of that in about 2.3 seconds unless you want Joey Porter saying a rude 'hello rookie!' And just wait for him to try that jump pass in the NFL, it will come flying back into his face so hard it will shatter his facemask.

Tebow's delivery raises similar concerns; he doesn't have the typical pro release and his windup would have to go.

Tebow's running has given us some amazing memories but his running style is a power run. He barrels over guys and lowers the shoulder, not going to work in the NFL. If he was facing an NFL defense, as opposed to the OU defense on Thursday night, those great runs on third down are stopped by the first tackler, not three broken tackles later.

He doesn't have the amazing speed needed to be a dynamic QB in the NFL and will get blown up my linebackers all day till he is carted off the field.

To really try to make Tebow a productive player in the league a 'Wild Gator' type offense would have to be created and it would take a massive retooling of personnel and even then Tebow wouldn't be Tom Brady, Payton Manning, or Drew Brees, he would be above average IF the offensive idea worked.

Wow, ok got the nasty stuff out there, too. All that said, I think he has the athletic ability, the football knowledge, and most assuredly the character to succeed at the next level.

Tebow is too athletic to stay out of the NFL, but he really is an athlete coming into the draft. Normally, when you say a prospect is an "athlete," it means they are crazy fast, can jump high, but are too small and raw to have a true position.

In Tebow's case, he is huge, quick, a little lumbering (in a good way), and able to do just about everything required of a football player to at least an average NFL level (I'm pretty sure, in a pinch, he could kick PATs).

So a switch of position seems to be in Tebow's future but where to? Many have suggest running back. I'm not sure of this because if he would get blown up trying to power over Linebackers as a running QB what makes him able to power over the same linebackers with a different number on his jersey?

No, running back is not his future, so where?

I think his future is at a position whose importance has risen quickly in recent years, Tight End.

Mark my words, when Tebow enters the draft, this year or next, this comparison will be made: The best comparison for Tim Tebow in the draft is Dallas Clark

Both are 6'3".

Clark is 252 lbs, Tebow is 240, so similar build.

Both are so much faster and agile than their size would suggest.

Neither played TE in college, Clark was a linebacker, Tebow a QB.

I think a very shrewd team will acquire Tebow if he declares this year and place him at TE. His athletic ability, size, strength, speed and all-roundness will be put to great use and he could be a star at that position in the NFL.