5 NFL Teams That Should Use Their Throwback Jerseys as Regulars

Greg Maiola@Gom1094Senior Analyst IIMarch 4, 2012

5 NFL Teams That Should Use Their Throwback Jerseys as Regulars

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    Let's be honest here. When teams wear jerseys out of the norm, fans get excited and players get pumped to rep vintage colors and logos for a franchise. Merchandise is popular among the fans, and it's a good change of pace for all involved.

    Vintage and classic jerseys seem more appealing to the eye, as they were bolder and had character. These days, uniforms are boring and not sophisticated enough.

    The Buffalo Bills used their throwback jerseys in the mid-2000s, and due to fan interest, they inspired Buffalo to use a similar design for their new home jerseys. This should encourage other teams to consider using throwbacks or alternate jerseys as their regular ones.

    And while fans should be more concerned with how the athletes play and not how they look, who doesn't love watching their team play in a flashy, classic uniform?

    Some rarely used uniforms need more exposure. It's time to spice things up and give franchises fresh new looks. It's time to go into the past and appreciate tradition.

    Here are five professional sports teams that should seriously consider a switch in uniform appearances.

New England Patriots: Modern

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    Talk about boring.

    Simple navy blue, numbers with a red trim and a silver helmet.

    While it's all about the red, white and blue, where is the excitement?

    Even the face on the logo looks bored.

    The Patriots have thrived wearing this uniform, but they can do better.

New England Patriots: Throwback

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    Look at how sharp this is.

    There can even be an American Revolution connection with the redcoats (red jerseys). 

    All that aside, this jersey has a nice color scheme and a mean-looking logo.

    The man in the logo is large and mean, implying that he will stomp all over you.

    The vibrant red complements the white helmets and light blue stripes.

    Though the Patriots have worn it on special occasions, this jersey deserves to be worn every Sunday by New England.

Denver Broncos: Modern

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    This uniform is not horrible, but it was only made to give the franchise a modern look.

    The navy blue and bright orange look good together, and the logo is one of the better ones in the league.

    However, when the Denver Broncos are mentioned, fans should think orange.

    Even though they occasionally wear orange jerseys with the same logo and design as their home jerseys, the deep orange just doesn't do it. 

Denver Broncos: Throwback

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    The orange crush is more like it.

    This jersey is old-school, yet stylish.

    The creamsicle orange and baby blue are appealing colors, and the logo is classic.

    Though more vibrant than what the Broncos currently wear, a switch to the past would benefit them.

    Oh, and these are a heck of a lot better than the horrendous yellow and brown uniforms.

Atlanta Falcons: Modern

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    These jerseys are not bad, but there was nothing wrong with their old ones.

    The Falcons look better in black with a flash of red.

    These jerseys are the opposite.

    While they have a modern look, the logo could use a little bit of work.

    These uniforms are satisfactory and not too flashy.

Atlanta Falcons: Throwback

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    These jerseys show off the flash of red by the Falcons.

    The smoky red helmet is complemented by the red trim on the numbers.

    Even the logo on the arm sleeve is outlined in red.

    This makes the uniform look much more sharp than the red uniform and black helmet.

    The modern uniforms have it backwards.

    The fans love the red helmets, and Atlanta should seriously consider a switch back to the past.

Washington Redskins: Modern

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    The burgundy and yellow do go well on these uniforms.

    The logo is creative, and altogether it flows nicely.

    However, the jerseys look a lot better with more yellow.

    Occasionally, Washington wears yellow pants, making the uniform more appealing.

    While these uniforms are decent, the Redskins have a drawer full of unique uniforms that are old but not out of style.

Washington Redskins: Throwback

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    The yellow helmet, with the burgundy "R" in the white circle, is one of the coolest NFL helmets.

    The yellow and burgundy stripes on the arm sleeve and collar are a very nice touch.

    The flashes of these colors look very nice with the white uniform.

    This is an all-around good-looking uniform.

    There is a respect for the past yet contemporary style.

    Washington would sure look better in this uniform. On-field production is another story.

Philadelphia Eagles: Modern

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    These jerseys are very monotone.

    A dusty green sprinkled with black and white.

    While these are a lot better than those disgusting baby blue and yellow jerseys, they are just OK uniforms.

    The black alternate uniforms are even better than these.

    Philadelphia's jerseys are just blah, but they have one of the better logos in the league.

Philadelphia Eagles: Throwback

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    These jerseys have character.

    The green is lighter but not exotic or lime green.

    The wings on the helmet are a light grey, not white.

    The use of these colors make for an altogether spiffy-looking uniform.

    The Eagles wore these uniforms recently, and fans loved them.

    They are more exciting and more appealing than the dusty green that the Eagles currently wear.

Honorable Mention

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    These five teams all have great throwback jerseys but fell just short of the list.

    Whether it be for a decent modern uniform or for an average throwback, these teams fell just short.

    Top Five Runner-Ups

    1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers—Their throwbacks are absolutely brilliant, but their modern ones will have to do.

    2. Tennessee Titans—The Houston Oilers' throwbacks are cool but not worthy of a uniform conversion do to the similar colors of the Titans.

    3. Sand Diego Chargers—They wear their baby blue uniforms often enough that it's hard to consider them throwbacks. But the numbers on the helmet do look nice.

    4. New York Jets—The New York Titans' uniforms are cool but seeing them week in and week out would be annoying.

    5. Buffalo Bills—Their throwback uniforms have been integrated into the team's recent jersey scheme. When Buffalo wore the navy blue, fans were very fond of the standing red buffalo and white helmets.