NFL Games on iTunes: A Viewer's Opinion

Keith MathewsCorrespondent IIIFebruary 28, 2012

NFL Super Bowl on iTunes
NFL Super Bowl on iTunesAndy Lyons/Getty Images

I found a few NFL games from several seasons at the iTunes Store and decided to try them to see how they worked. iTunes is a great system, as are other available sites for legally downloading TV shows. But the NFL has not thought this outlet through yet. 

If I had to rate it on a five-star scale, I'd only give it one star due to a number of shortcomings with the system.

The games available on iTunes include only 15 games for any one season, and it seems like they were selected by a non-football fan. The NFL should offer ALL 16 regular season games for ALL 32 teams, both individually and as a package. Package choices should also have one that includes ALL postseason games including the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl game.

The games should be complete broadcast games, not the abbreviated and edited games now offered. They should include advertisements and halftime breaks. The editors do not know what the fan who is paying for the game wants to see, and it seems useless to even use editors for full games.

All games should be available in 1080p, not the blurry and unwatchable 480p quality available for the 2012 season. I want to clearly see important plays, especially those being reviewed. I also want to be able to show it on my Hi Def TV via WiFi or even Ethernet over my LAN, just like any other downloadable TV show.

All games should be burnable to both regular and Blu-Ray DVDs; using the normal iTunes restrictions for the number of burns allowed to prevent pirating. I want to have the option to watch a game using my a DVD player. Restricting the games to a low resolution on a computer screen is a cheat; pure and simple. The current system renders the games unwatchable and not worth the $3.00 charge apiece.



All games should include any pregame and postgame discussions by the announcer so we can set the scene for the game in terms of where the teams are at that time. Extras of locker room scenes would also be appreciated.

Additional features should include full routines by the cheerleaders squads, who are rarely shown over broadcast TV, probably because of the influence of a tiny minority of overly prissy prudes. The cheerleaders are as essential to football as the game itself. Other extras should include the half-time field activities, the National Anthem and military flyover, if any.

Games should be available on iTunes immediately after they are broadcast.

I mean, NFL guys, get it together. You can make a bundle off of this if you do it in a professional manner. I’m pulling for you to fix this.