NFL Combine Results 2012: 5 Wide Receivers Who Turned Heads in Indianapolis

Wes StueveContributor IIIFebruary 26, 2012

NFL Combine Results 2012: 5 Wide Receivers Who Turned Heads in Indianapolis

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    Of all the positions, wide receiver is perhaps the most reliant on physical ability. So it only makes sense that the NFL Scouting Combine is crucial for wideouts.

    Some wide receivers had huge days that dramatically elevated their stocks. Others had bad days that could push them down as much as a full round.

    Analysts expected some of these performances. They didn't expect others.

    Which wide receivers surprised us all with their Combine performances? 

Michael Floyd, Notre Dame

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    We knew Michael Floyd was talented, but not many expected the 6'3", 220-pounder to run a 4.47 40-yard dash. Floyd looked terrific in all the drills, and his weigh-in was also a pleasant surprise.

    After his excellent combine performance, Floyd's only issues are injuries and off-the-field problems. He has all the ability to develop into a terrific starting wide receiver.

Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers

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    There were concerns about Mohamed Sanu's deep-threat ability, and his Combine performance did nothing to silence the doubters. Sanu officially clocked in with a 4.67 40-yard dash time, which is simply awful for a wide receiver.

    In Sanu's defense, he didn't have good running form and plays faster than that. Regardless, though, the time certainly raised some concerns about Sanu's ability to be a primary wide receiver in the NFL.

Chris Owusu, Stanford

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    Chris Owusus's Combine performance was shocking, to say the least. The Stanford wideout ran a 4.36 40-yard dash and recorded a 40.5" vertical leap. That is impressive.

    Owusu had a ton of concussions in college, and he still won't be drafted early, but his performance here was easily one of the Combine's best. 

    This could easily move Owusu up a few rounds. 

Kendall Wright, Baylor

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    People were speculating that Kendall Wright would run in the 4.4s or even 4.3s. Instead, he ended up with an official time of a 4.61. 

    Now, Wright plays a lot faster than that, but this time will definitely make analysts go back and question what they saw on tape. It's not normal for someone to run this much slower than he was expected to.

Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech

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    Stephen Hill is, undoubtedly, the star of the combine. The 6'4", 215-pounder officially ran a 4.36 in the 40-yard dash. At this size, that time is unbelievable.

    Hill also turned in a 39.5" vertical leap and a 11-1 broad jump. The Georgia Tech wideout showed just how freakish he truly is, and his performance could bump him into the first round.