Carolina Panthers Cut Keyshawn Johnson...So Awkward

Dave FinocchioSenior Writer IMay 1, 2007

To anyone and everyone that didn't watch the NFL draft this weekend, and specifically for those who weren't watching ESPN when Carolina picked Dwayne Jarret in the second round: this has to be one of the most awkward moments in sports history.
Let's do a quick recap: Keyshawn Johnson played Michael Irvin (overly opinionated, yet somehow intelligent loudmouth) on ESPN's team of draft analysts. Honestly, he was pretty good and definitely has a future in the studio. But on with the story...
As it became clear that Jarrett was sliding, Keyshawn started rambling on and on about about everything was going to work out , Fight On, all that USC brotherhood crap. He presented himself as a fixture, an established presence in the league who would be gracious enough to share his penultimate wisdom with the suffering young wide receiver.
And then Keyshawn's own team, the Carolina Panthers, selects Dwyane Jarrett with the 45th pick in the draft. What happens next? ESPN decides to have Johnson interview a teary eyed Jarrett via satellite about how he's going to nurture him and yada, yada, yada. All the while pretending that Dwyane Jarrett, star of stars, is going to come in and back up Keyshawn Johnson...ouch.
Next thing you know, the Panthers cut Johnson.
I wonder if some spiteful guy in Carolina's player personnel thought? "hey, I have a great idea...a little cruel, but what the hell."