2012 NFL Draft: Should the Seahawks Trade Their 1st-Round Pick?

Josh SteinContributor IIIFebruary 17, 2012

Will Pete Carroll trade the Seahawks first round pick?
Will Pete Carroll trade the Seahawks first round pick?Christian Petersen/Getty Images

One week from today, on February 24th, the Seahawks learn what pick they will have in this year's draft. Early in the morning, they will learn if it is the 11th or 12th after a coin flip with the Chiefs.

Regardless of that flip, the Seahawks basically have an idea of what will be open to them and what choices they will be able to make. They can either trade up, allowing them to get their franchise QB in Robert Griffin III; trade down, giving them a stock pile of picks to fully fill their needs; or just stay where they are and take the best player available.


Trading Up

This has been, and will continue to be, one of the most debatable topics of the Seattle Seahawks offseason. The front office will have the decision that will dramatically alter—one way or another—the direction of this franchise.

This Baylor Heisman Trophy winner looks to be a similar quarterback to last year's first-round pick, Cam Newton. He has the explosiveness to pull a big run and the throwing ability to air it out to one of the talented, young wide receivers on the Seattle roster.

There's no question this move up will likely cost the Seahawks a hefty fee. It looks like it could cost them a first, second and fourth this year, and a first and third next year. There is one big choice the Seahawks will have to make...

Is taking a chance on this college star really worth giving up rebuilding in other needed areas?


Staying Put

This is the most likely option and may end being the best strategy. At pick 11 or 12, they are in good position to take a playmaker to fill a hole in the team. It also allows them to keep their picks in later rounds to get even more depth.

This decision would put them in prime position to fill one of their biggest needs outside of quarterback, defensive end and linebacker.

If you read my Seattle Seahawks 7-Round Mock Draft, you will see that I have the Seahawks taking versatile Melvin Ingram, the DE/OLB from South Carolina. He seems to be a great pick for the middle of the draft, but Coples and Upshaw seem to be great fits for Seattle.

Although this will take away the Seahawks chances at RGIII and Andrew Luck, they will still have the opportunity for a QB on day two (Rounds 2 and 3). Kirk Cousins, Nick Foles, Brent Osweiler and maybe even Ryan Tannehill look to be available for the Seahawks, which will let the 'Hawks fill most needs this draft.


Trade Down

Although this may be the most unlikely, Pete Carroll and John Schneider may see a talented player who could fall to later in the round and will want to stock pile picks as well. Depth at many positions could prove to be helpful to the Seahawks this season as it would keep fresh legs on the field.

The trade may be with the Jets at 16, and it may leave them with a fourth rounder this year, as well as a second next year, and maybe another pick. That may seem like a lot for five spots up, but we have seen it before with the Falcons last year.

Trading down doesn't necessarily take away the talent from their first-round pick.

Making a trade down to the Jets pick at 16 could leave the 'Hawks with an opportunity for Whitney Mercilus or Nick Perry, who are seen as options at 11/12. They would basically be taking extra picks for a player they would have taken anyway.