Tom Brady's Sister, Kevin Youkilis' Beau: Pics of Julie Brady

Ryan Klocke@@RyanKlockeBRFeatured ColumnistFebruary 10, 2012

Tom Brady's Sister, Kevin Youkilis' Beau: Pics of Julie Brady

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    Love is in the frigid air in Beantown, and it really couldn't come at a better time for this loathe-happy sports community.

    As New England is still ruing and losing sleep and ranting to WEEI about losing the Super Bowl, blaming the quarterback, the coaching and a receiver's slippery hands and screaming foul over their tight end's postgame party habits (Yo Soy Shirtless), news comes down of a sports engagement that ties two of the area's superstars together. 

    Kevin Youkilis is reportedly engaged to Tom Brady's sister. Awwww. Cute. Maybe a little romance can put out the postgame fires that are still burning around Boston.

    No? Well, whatever. Regardless, it's a neat little story the Boston Herald broke about the Red Sox infielder and the QB's sibling,

    "This is supposed to be hush-hush and on the deep down-low, but you know us. It’s time to pop the bubbly ...

    The happy couple, who spent Super Bowl week together with the Brady clan in Indy, got engaged “recently” after dating for at least a year, we’re told from a few F.O.Ys."

    So while seemingly every sports blog out there reports on this, B/R Swagger will show and tell you a little bit more about the allegedly future Mrs. Youk. 

A Quiet Person with a Nice Job

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    While Julie Brady has now been thrust to the forefront of WAG-dom (wives and girlfriends) courtesy of the Internet, her relationship with The Youk has never been well-publicized. While some spotlight seek and troll red carpets all but force us to pay attention to them, Julie Brady lives a more placid, respectable life with a noble profession to boot.

    Per the Herald:

    "... [T]he future Mrs. Youk, a schoolteacher, and her daughter, Jordan, 5, will move to Florida from California when the third baseman reports to spring training later this month.

    “He’s really lucky,” one of Youk’s buds told the Track. “She’s a really nice person, but all the Bradys are nice people.”

A Calming Presence?

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    One thing school teachers have to deal with on a regular basis are crybabies and people who throw temper tantrums. Enter The Youk. Ever seen him after he strikes out with runners in scoring position? He's prone to being a dugout tornado, a giant mass of beard and pine tar and body weight that will heave and hit and scream at whatever's in his path. 

    Maybe Julie here can be a calming presence. 

How They Met

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    According to the Herald, who scooped everybody on this one, the sports power couple met after a bad night for the Patriots: a loss to the Jets that destroyed playoff hope.

    Looks now like they got engaged after a bad time for the Patriots, too. True love doesn't have time to worry about football games. 

Kevin's Second, Her First

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    This will be Youkilis' second marriage; her first. Before falling for Tom's sis, the burly slugger was betrothed to Enza Sambataro (pictured above). They married in Mexico in 2008 at a ceremony full of Red Sox players and brass, and split up in 2010.

    2012 looks like a better year for love. 

Slump-Busting Brady?

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    Last season, Youkilis had the worst single-season batting average of this career at .258.


    Who knows, maybe the stability of married life will help him inch back closer to, or above, .300. She's definitely a sports fan, and the support can for sure help.

    Boston fans can only hope, after they calm down from still being mad about the Super Bowl.