Pilar Sanders: Messy Divorce Is Turning into a Disaster for Deion Sanders

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 7, 2012

Things couldn't possibly get any worse in the downward spiral that is the Pilar and Deion Sanders divorce soap opera. 

TMZ reports police were called to the mansion that Deion Sanders owns. Pilar Sanders was allegedly accosted by a friend of Deion's and was later taken to the hospital for her injuries. 

I haven't yet decided if Deion Sanders is looking for a reality-TV deal, or if he is genuinely going through one of the worst divorces in sports history. 

Of course, nothing is on Deion's mind more than being civil and just ending to his marriage with Pilar Sanders, but he is doing it all wrong. I say things can't get any worse, but that is exactly how this melodrama has gone so far. So I wouldn't bet against it. 

The report from TMZ states the following: 

"...a woman named Laura arrived to the mansion to see Deion ... but Pilar told Laura she was not welcome in the home and asked her to leave. 

We're told Laura refused ... and after some words were exchanged, Laura threw an object at Pilar ... striking her in the eye."

An update to the report has Pilar's lawyer telling TMZ: 

"Pilar was taken to the hospital emergency room as a result of the injuries she sustained during the assault."

No arrests were made and the situation is under investigation. 

Being the cynic, I will say that I hope Pilar is healthy and comes away with no lasting injuries. However, she could be taken to the hospital just so her lawyer could say she was taken to the hospital. 

I don't want to flirt with such a thought, but this divorce has been so utterly ridiculous that the thought has to come across the transom of the brain. 

This assault claim comes on the heels of another wild accusation that was reported by TMZ. Pilar stated that Deion had cut her off completely and would only giver her money for sexual favors.

That would be a deplorable and despicable act if true.

But we have no court proceedings or arrests to go on. All we have is one woman's testimony against her former husband's. 

Well, we also have Deion's daughter backing him to the fullest.

TMZ also had a run down of a late December Twitter dust-up that saw Deiondra Sanders annihilate Pilar on Twitter. She accused Pilar of being nothing more than a fame seeker. 

I don't see this divorce getting any worse than it has, but I have thought that exact same thing before.