Milwaukee Brewers: In the News (Jan. 6)

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2009

Brewers News

- Maybe the Brewers rotation has a true ace already despite losing Sabathia and likely losing Sheets. If ESPN’s Pierre Becquey’s predictions come true, Yovani Gallardo will win 18 games and have 215 strikeouts.

Wow, that would be an incredible season for Gallardo. Those are definitely ace-caliber numbers. Gallardo is great and the sky is the limit with him, but that’s an awful lot to expect out of the man in his first full MLB season.

- The Toronto Sun has a list of the 100 most influencial Canadians in baseball. They have Brewers GM Doug Melvin at No. 7, Brewers 2008 first round draft pick Brett Lawrie at No. 9, Brewers Assistant GM Gord Ash at No. 27, and Brewers scouts Marty Lehn and Matt Higginson at No. 28 and 96 respectively. This is an interesting list, but I wonder what, if any, the criteria was in creating this list.

- On a relatively serious note, Brew City Sports has reported that Doug Melvin would like to go to a one-man rotation in 2009. Why the hell not?

- Tom Haudricourt co-hosted on ESPN 540 this morning and discussed moves he thinks Doug Melvin and company will or will not make. There’s an interesting discussion regarding the show on the forum: here

- Brewers radio announcer Jim Powell may be taking a job as the Atlanta Braves radio announcer. Personally, I really love Jim and hope he stays in Milwaukee. He and Uecker are awesome together.

- will be airing Juan Nieves’ no-hitter tomorrow morning. Nieves, of course, has the Milwaukee Brewers only no-hitter.

Minor Leagues

- Bernies Crew lists Tim Dillard as the Brewers 21st best prospect, while Between The Green Pillars lists Brad Nelson as No. 21.

- Did you celebrate Rob Wooten day?

NL Central

- It’s official: Milton Bradley has signed with the Cubs. The deal is reportedly a three-year deal worth $30 million. I think we all expected this to happen. I still think it was a mistake for them to trade DeRosa.

Bradley could be really solid for them, but he could just as likely spend most of his time in the training room with Rich Harden. We’ll find out.

Other News

- Not only are the Texas Rangers still interested in Ben Sheets, but they are now looking at bringing Eric Gagne back as well.

-According to, Mets’ talks with free agent Derek Lowe are about to heat up. The Mets have reportedly offered Lowe a three-year/$36 million deal, but Lowe’s agent (my dear friend) Scott Boras has denied that rumor.

- Dayn Perry at weighs in on which teams should sign which remaining top free agents. Man, how is this guy not a GM…in Major League Soccer? For real.

- Former Brewers third baseman Corey Koskie, who hasn’t played since July of 2006 after suffering a serious concussion, plans on hitting the gym later this month.

Koskie even mentions that he’d like to play for Team Canada in the World Baseball Classic. It’s been awhile since I’ve read anything about Koskie. I’m glad he’s feeling better, and I hope he feels well enough to play ball again.

-The free agent outfield picture is beginning to take a more visible shape with the signing of Milton Bradley. Jason Giambi is apparently very close to signing with the A’s, and Pat Burrell has signed with the Rays.

- Former Brewers manager Jerry Royster has been invited to Barack Obama’s inauguration. Random… Royster, of course, manages the Lotte Giants, a South Korean baseball team.

- The Twins are reportedly interested in former Brewer reliever Guillermo Mota.

- Right Field Bleachers contributor and former Brewer Jeff Cirillo is a busy man. He is now a local MLB scout with the Arizona Diamondbacks working at Safeco Field and has bought a wooden bat baseball team in western Washington that will begin playing next season.

He said he was also offered an MLB Network job and that is “still on the backburner.” We’ll have to check in with ‘Rillo soon.