Denver Broncos: Why the Broncos Need to Draft Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins

Scotty McGrawCorrespondent IIIFebruary 5, 2012

Tebow scrambling against the New England Patriots
Tebow scrambling against the New England PatriotsJim Rogash/Getty Images

Tim Tebow may be the NFL's biggest celebrity and is quite miraculous, but it is already time for the Broncos to start thinking about the long-term future.

Tebow was successful on the Broncos' mid-season win streak, but four out of the next five games Tebow evidently buckled.

Their option offense isn't a long-term fix, either. Towards the end of the season, teams shut the college system down cold. Tebow is very limited when he is playing under center, also.

He clearly lacks accuracy and NFL knowledge. He is a great person, but doesn't seem to fit in the NFL right now. I am not saying that he won't play in the NFL again nor am I saying that he won't succeed, but he is a project that the Broncos don't have the time to focus on.

If they get rid of Tebow—which they do not have to—mayhem will be swirling around Denver for only a short period of time. However, they could keep Tebow and have him develop for two or three years.

If the Broncos do deal Tebow to another team, not having a celebrity on their roster would almost be peace of mind. They wouldn't have all of the distractions that Tebow wheels along behind him.

If they do trade or cut Tebow, they have to acquire a quarterback somehow. Green Bay Packers QB Matt Flynn is a great option, but if I were John Elway, my eyes would be glued to Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins.

There is a fantastic batch of second to fourth round quarterbacks in this draft: Ryan Tannehill, Nick Foles, Kirk Cousins, Brock Osweiler and Brandon Weeden. Cousins, however, sticks out the most.

He has far more pros than cons, and came from a pro system when he was quarterbacking for the Spartans. Cousin's game tape scorches with positives. He would fit into the Broncos' singleback, multi-tight end offense perfectly.

Cousins, a 6'3", 202 pound redshirt senior, threw for over 3000 yards and exactly 25 touchdowns in 2011. He was a three year starter for Michigan State and was undoubtedly successful.

If the Broncos selected Cousins, they would have their long term quarterback and wouldn't have to deal with Tebowmania nearly as much as they did in 2011. Denver would benefit immensely from acquiring Cousins.