Miami Marlins' Logan Morrison Shares Resemblance with American Idol Contestant

James BondmanCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2012

Marlins outfielder and Twitter fanatic Logan Morrison may want to check to see if he has a long lost brother because last night one showed up on primetime television. 

Johnny Keyser, 22, sang at the St. Louis auditions of American Idol on Thursday night and besides wowing the judges—mainly Miami Dolphins minority owner Jennifer Lopez—he may have surprised Logan Morrison himself. 

Morrison tweeted this Friday in response to a fan's question about his resemblance to Keyser: 

"I saw him. Unreal he looks exactly like meRT  just saw ur twin on American idol in st. louis...Johnny Keyser!!! Check it out"


Both Morrison and Keyser have nearly the same smile and face shape, with Morrison having the edge in bulkiness. The only knock on both would be that Morrison has dark brown eyes and Keyser has more of blue hue. 

I've personally said that Morrison sort of resembles Miami Heat forward Mike Miller. Both rock chin beards and have an assortment of ink on their bodies, but Keyser may have blown the door on this one. 

Logan Morrison is just two years older (24) than Keyser, but no word yet on whether any DNA tests will be done.