NFL Draft 2012: 8 Prospects Who Can Help Fix Denver Broncos

Bethany Horlick@Beffney12Contributor IIJanuary 30, 2012

NFL Draft 2012: 8 Prospects Who Can Help Fix Denver Broncos

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    John Fox has promised that Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos will do whatever it takes to go all the way in 2012. The AFC West champions are already preparing to make that promise possible at the NFL 2012 draft in April.

    With the Senior Bowl said and done, it's time for the Broncos to review their options and determine which prospects are the best prospects.

    It's easy to see that Denver needs help on both offense and defense. However, the offensive line has received the most criticism and will probably see the most new members brought on.

    Here's a look at eight recruits the Broncos could benefit from.

Dwayne Allen, Tight End, Clemson

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    The Broncos rely on their run game often. Bringing in a solid tight end could only help. Clemson's Dwayne Allen's size and speed make him a great weapon.

    Allen consistently makes the clean catch, is able to run perfect routes with crisp cuts and comes quick off the snap.

    He marked decent in blocking although his size allows him to be dominated. However, at 6'4'', 225 pounds, he has enough power to push and stretch in a tackle to gain extra yards. Just what the Broncos should want in a running attack offense.

    Overall, he's a hard-working individual. He takes football seriously and is willing to work. Allen could easily fill a Broncos jersey.

David Wilson, Running Back, Virginia Tech

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    The Broncos need help running the ball. They need to pick up some speed, and David Wilson is ready to bring it.

    Virginia Tech's one-year starter has proved that one year is all he needed. With 1,709 yards on 290 carries and nine touchdowns, Wilson could be the explosive runner Denver needs.

    He's a high-energy player who runs full power every play. His strong muscular build makes it hard to bring him down. Majority of his carries result for positive yards  He's quick to bullet downfield with enough extension and agility to avoid tackles.

    Wilson shows ability running inside. However, he shows some hesitation when running into coverage. Denver will have to on work his confidence of using that speed in the open running into pressure.

    He's expected to do very well in pre-draft workouts, and the Broncos should not hesitate to add him to the offense.

Janoris Jenkins, Cornerback, University of North Alabama

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    One of the first positions the Broncos need to square away will be corner back.

    Both Champ Bailey and Andrew Goodman aren't getting any younger and replacements need to come in. The Broncos should be keeping eyes on Janoris Jenkins.

    Despite some off-field issues, Jenkins has emerged as 27th-ranked overall pick, fourth in his position. Jenkins earned recognition early after being the second Gator ever to start his first collegiate game and would go on to start 37-of-40 games.

    In his first season at Florida, Jenkins compiled 39 tackles, 11 broken passes and three interceptions his first year. Jenkins earned Freshman All-SEC accolades that year.

    Since his freshman year, Janoris has impressed the masses with his exceptional ability to catch a glimpse of the backfield and anticipate the routes very well. He has good physicality to keep up on man coverage, but his eyes make him equally as effective in zone coverage. He's quick and agile. Jenkins' abilties to combine these qualities make him an extreme threat against confident passers.

    With the passing game dominating the league, cornerbacks are crucial to teams and in high demand in this year's draft. The Broncos will need to be quick on the draw to pick up such an energetic and athletic player.

Jerel Worthy, Defensive Tackle, Michigan State

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    With his ability to explode on the snap and quick feet to shake lesser linemen, Michigan State's Jerel Worthy could be highly beneficial to the Denver Broncos in 2012.

    All-American Worthy led the Big Ten in rushing defense with 100.5 yards per game, 277.4 yards per game in total defense and 45 sacks.

    Worthy proved that he is a truly athletic linemen. He has received top marks in strength and will only get stronger in a pro-style conditioning environment. He's able to drive men backwards when slanting and attacks ball carriers in the box quickly. The shock of his punch limits the opponents play call to run up the middle.

    If Worthy can get his disruptive nature under control and amp up his stamina in training camp, the Broncos could see a great addition to the line be transformed before them.

Nick Foles, Quarterback, Arizona

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    John Elway has named Tim Tebow starting quarterback going into training.

    They have made it well known that Tebow will be working on passing from the pocket. Tebowmania is still buzzing. However, The Broncos need to cover some base and would be wise to bring in a back up quarterback.

    With Tebow being notorious for scrambling and rushing, bringing in a pocket passer is an obvious choice. Arizona Nick Foles has groomed a fair understudy for Tebow. Foles isn't exactly an elite athlete but has prefect feet for moving about the pocket.

    His decent arm strength makes deep passes effortless. Foles ability to keep eyes downfield not only keeps him calm in pressure but allows him to take full advantage of reading the field and eyeing coverage.

    He has a rather lengthy delivery which could stand correction. He also needs to be coached in pre-snap skills. However, he's always improving. He has a short memory and bounces back from error quickly. Given some more elite training, he could really be an asset to the team.

    The Broncos should take the opportunity to draft a passer.  

Ryan Miller, Offensive Line, Colorado

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    Ryan Miller has proved his size is not only helpful to the interior of the line, but also to play some special teams defensive line. Additionally, Miller has experience in playing right tackle and guard. A versatile player like that would definitely be helpful to Bronco problems in more ways than one.

    Miller's quick enough to tackle on the move and strong enough to move piles to maintain a line of scrimmage. He has the capability to reroute a rusher effectively with the movement of his feet and the length in his build.

    For his size, he's quick on the snap. Miller is able to use that combo of strength and speed to be a solid combo blocker. He's a hard worker on and off the field with no known off-field issues.

    Miller's abilities are going to be too precious to pass up, and he will go quickly. If The Broncos are interested, they will want to pick him up early.

Dont'a Hightower, ILB, Alabama

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    Earning the position of defensive captain for the Crimson Tide, Dont'a Hightower was a vital part of their road to No. 14. Not only would he pack a punch on the front line, but also was a solid pressure on the running game.

    A very physical player, this kid knows the game. He's a player who knows his assignments and studies the game with diligence. The endurance of Hightower is par none, never leaving the field on defense. 

    He has valuable blitzing abilities and can be versatile in different defensive schemes. His agility has improved most obviously in his lateral shifts. He's able to get down the line making him effective at covering backs and tight ends.

    It's suggested by teammates that Hightower is respected  for his leadership which led to his captain position.

    Dont'a Hightower is someone the Broncos need and need to watch closely going into April.

Matt Daniels, Safety, Duke

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    Duke safety Matt Daniels earned the rank of ESPN's 27th safety prospect, and he proved why on the field.

    He's a confident and accurate tackler. He finished this past season with 126 tackles, 14 defended passes and two interceptions. He was selected twice to the Academic All-ACC team. He's able to play plenty of his assignments zone deep in the box well. He exudes excellence as zone instincts and ball skills. He's productive and durable, which should be attractive to NFL teams across the board.

    Daniels has quick feet. He takes good angles with speed and can burst fast at the end of his route. Teammates accredit him to be a hard worker and dependable.

    Matt Daniels has the personality a team wants with the athletic ability they need. The Broncos should capitalize on Daniels before he's gone.